Galaxy Watch 5 is thicker than Samsung says; Here’s why

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is Samsung’s new wearable flagship, but it’s a chunkier smartwatch compared to the standard model. However, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is physically larger than Samsung claims it is, but that’s not necessarily for the worse.

Smartwatches are often thicker than their traditional counterparts. An older digital or even mechanical wristwatch is usually much thinner than a modern smartwatch – and for good reason! Unlike traditional watches, smartwatches from the likes of Samsung, Apple, Fitbit and other brands must have larger touchscreens, chips that power the operating system, a plethora of health sensors, and a battery big enough to keep them fully functional. day.

With the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, Samsung really doesn’t hold back in terms of thickness. The Watch 5 Pro, according to Samsung’s website, is 10.5mm thick, and no more than a full millimeter thicker than the standard Galaxy Watch 5. thinner of the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, which is 11.2 mm thick.

However, the thickness of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro on Samsung’s website doesn’t paint the full picture of the device’s size. DRainmaker I noticed that the Watch 5 Pro looked thicker than Samsung claimed, and using a digital caliper, I found that the watch actually measures 15.2mm, Significantly Thicker than Samsung’s claim of 10.5mm.

Samsung’s claim of 10.5mm appears to come from the thickness of the watch case on its own, ignoring the thickness of the biomechanical sensor that protrudes from the bottom of the watch.

The bad part of this situation is that Samsung is clearly stretching the truth quite a bit. And the company clearly knows it’s doing just that, like previous Galaxy Watch measurements she did It includes the full thickness of the watch, not just the case. Even looking at the Galaxy Watch 4 versus the Galaxy Watch 5, Samsung claims that the new model is the same thickness, but after doing the upgrade myself, I can confidently say that it’s not. Feel As thin as the previous model.

But on the other hand, the thickness of the watch Technically Not a bad thing.

The BioActive sensor protrudes as much from the bottom of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro (and the Galaxy Watch5 too) to make sure it can be more accurate. The extra “puff” allows for better skin contact, and therefore better results – or so Samsung claims.

With increased surface area and direct contact with your wrist, the Galaxy Watch5 now tracks health metrics more accurately than the Galaxy Watch4.


While the stats on the Samsung website are largely misleading and should definitely change, the thickness itself seems to be less important. In person (pictured above), the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro look marginally different in size, despite the nearly 5mm difference.

Interestingly, Samsung is not alone in this practice!

Apple Watch Series 7 is listed by Apple as 10.7mm but is actually 13.1mm thick. The Garmin Forerunner 255 Music is listed as 12.9mm but it is actually 14mm. The Galaxy Watch 5 is also found to be thicker than Samsung claims (although the exact number is not shared). Interestingly enough, the Fitbit Sense was one of the only products that matched its claimed thickness of 12.35mm. as such DRainmaker Explain that the big problem with this practice is that it makes it nearly impossible for customers to make a valid comparison when buying a smartwatch. In general, the difference is only a millimeter or two, which is not a file leaked A bargain, but the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro example is particularly scandalous.

So far, Samsung has not updated its Galaxy Watch 5 Pro’s thickness claims on its official website.

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