Galaxy S23 Ultra lacks penetration, makes no difference? That’s good because that’s what users need!

After a series of leaked rumors, at the Galaxy Unpacked 2023 event just held at dawn February 2 (Vietnam time), Samsung officially launched the Galaxy S23 series production line as expected, including 3 versions: Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23 ultra.

In 3 versions of the Galaxy S this year, you can see the change [một chút] In appearance for the Galaxy S23 and S23+, while the UItra version has almost the same appearance compared to its predecessor. However, the internal hardware of this year’s Galaxy S23 series has been upgraded more worthwhile, with the two factors most concerned by users being camera and performance.

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Galaxy S23 series

Within the framework of this article, we would like to mention only the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the most advanced version of the S series of the year with top-notch hardware in almost all aspects. This is also the version that Vietnamese users are most interested in.

Galaxy S23 Ultra lacks hack and creativity?

In fact, since the leaked images appeared, technology users have expressed their disappointment when the Galaxy S23 series, especially the Ultra version, has the same appearance as the previous generation. Still the same square design with the S Pen, still the same camera array with the same design, still the same curved screen with the same quality… good as always and the smooth One UI interface is still very familiar.

Upgrades such as a 200MP camera, and Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset are default-selected by users. These are must-have upgrades, and of course they don’t change the day-to-day user experience.

“Overall, in addition to its 200MP camera and strong performance thanks to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s other upgrades may not be compelling enough for Vietnamese users to bring to life.”Bui Nhat Truong, leader of technology news site Sforum, shared about this year’s Galaxy S23 Ultra upgrades.

Galaxy S23 Ultra lacks penetration, makes no difference?  That's good because that's what users need!  - Image 2.

The lack of noticeable changes in appearance or new features affecting the daily use experience led the vast majority of users to conclude: the Galaxy S23 Ultra lacks a breakthrough.

But is this really the case?

What are the user needs?

To choose a smartphone, users have many options from very cheap to ultra-high class. In the high-end sector in general, and in Vietnam in particular, the two brands that dominate the high-end sector are Apple and Samsung. In the case of not choosing iPhone, Samsung phones will choose Vietnamese users who are more interested than other Chinese brands such as OPPO, Xiaomi or vivo.

The brand factor is an influencing factor for the decision of Vietnamese consumers when Samsung is a long standing brand in Vietnam, well known by many people whether young or old. Compared with other Chinese brands, Samsung is more trusted by Vietnamese users.

Galaxy S23 Ultra lacks penetration, makes no difference?  That's good because that's what users need!  - Photo 3.

After the brand factor, good products also influence the decision of Vietnamese users. To choose a high-end smartphone, users mainly focus on appearance, camera, and performance needs. And this is where the Galaxy S23 Ultra “shines”.

The successor to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the Galaxy S23 Ultra continues to maintain the spirit of being the perfect smartphone for users in the high-end Android phone segment. Indeed, it is not the Galaxy S23 Ultra that lacks creativity, but the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s lack of creativity. Last year’s S22 Ultra was a phone Very good smartphone, and this year the Galaxy S23 Ultra continues to perfect it to deliver a better and more perfect experience.”Nhat Truong shared.

“Since the first images of the Galaxy S23 Ultra appeared, I was a bit disappointed that the device has not changed much. However, looking at the parameters, it can be seen that the Galaxy S23 Ultra is still available. Market-leading devices, such as the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip Optimized for the Galaxy S23, the main camera has been upgraded to a 200MP ultrawide and a 10X telephoto camera that no other company has yet.Said Mr. Nguyen Lac Hui, founder of the multi-channel system Schannel.

In fact, the later product orientation contains “minor upgrades” compared to its predecessor, which Apple has applied for a long time to the iPhone. There is no longer a two-year “tick-tock” cycle of big changes again. Instead, big tech companies focus on user experience.

Who is the Galaxy S23 Ultra suitable for?

As a product that is a “minor upgrade” over its predecessor, the Galaxy S23 Ultra isn’t really suitable for users who own the Galaxy S22 Ultra, instead, this would be an attractive option. A guide for those who own older generations of Galaxy such as the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S20 or Galaxy Note20,…

Galaxy S23 Ultra lacks penetration, makes no difference?  That's good because that's what users need!  - Photo 4.

Even for iPhone users who switch to Android, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is the top “candidate” because only this device can offer a complete experience in all aspects, from powerful hardware, smooth software, high-quality camera, or the Galaxy ecosystem. The broad one is similar to what Apple is with the iPhone and its ecosystem.

“For Android users who own mid-range devices, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is still the most complete smartphone and value to buy in the first half of 2023. Even this device is enough to attract even users. The old iPhone has turned into an experience”Nhat Trung expressed his opinion.

“It’s true to say that the Galaxy S23 Ultra lacks a breakthrough, but that’s because this device has met the actual needs of users very well. If anything needs to change, I expect Samsung to upgrade fast charging in later generations”Mr Huy co.

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