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We’ve talked a lot about the “never break the streak” approach to habit building over the years, where you check off a habit every day to help you stick to it. The classic way is to mark an “X” on a paper calendar every day. The longer the streak, the more motivated you are to keep going—as anyone who has a Snapchat streak with friends knows.

Paper is great for this, but some people prefer digital tools. That’s why I love Habo, an open-source habit tracker app for Android and iPhone that’s super simple. There are no ads, no sales, just a way to help build habits. Once you download and open the app, you can add as many habits as you want. The idea is that you’ll tick them off as you go.

Habo: A free and simple habit tracking appFeatures of the Haboo app

The Habo app has many useful features:

  • Mark habit: The app allows you to apply different statuses to habits, including incomplete and skipped.
  • Advanced Habits Setting: You can set a specific schedule and rewards for this habit.
  • Notification settings: The app can remind you of your habits at a specific time each day. For example, if you want to start doing 20 push-ups before lunch every day, you can set the app to send notifications at 11:55.

What I really appreciate about this app is its simplicity — and the fact that it’s completely free. Many productivity tools become unnecessarily complicated in their quest to make money. Habbo does what you need it to do and nothing else.

Download the Habbo app

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