Fix “The data provided is of the wrong type” error when copying files from iOS/Android to Windows

Causes of the error “The data provided is of wrong type”:

There are several reasons why the data provided is an error that prevents you from copying or continuing to copy files to Windows.

error fix – Defective device or USB driver: A USB driver can affect file transfer if it is outdated or defective.

Corrupt or unknown file type: It is possible that the data is supplied with the wrong type, the error is caused by an unknown file type, or the device does not support the file format you are trying to transfer. Likewise, it may be due to a corrupted file, which leads to misbehaving.

Large file size: You may also have trouble copying photos, video documents, or any other type of file at once. It is possible that the file size exceeds the limit that the device can handle each time, resulting in an error.

Transport protocol or device preference issues: An error providing wrong data can occur if the device option you selected after connecting the device does not support the type of data you are trying to transfer.

How to fix “The data provided is of the wrong type” error:

Before you begin, you should try some fixes.

  • Port change: Sometimes, the connection port of a device can cause connectivity issues. Therefore, connect the USB cable to another port to troubleshoot USB 2.0 and 3.0, depending on your cable.
  • Check if your phone supports MTP: Some older phones may not be fully compatible with your computer because they do not support Media Transfer Protocol (MTP). If so, look for other means than USB transfer.
  • Changing the transmission cable: The problem may be caused by a faulty cable. So, try using a different cable to perform.
  • Restart both devices: Restarting your computer and phone will refresh their memory and close background tasks that are interfering with the process.
  • Free up more space on your phone: Some users claim that freeing up space on their mobile devices helped fix this error. Also try to delete all files in the recycle bin on your phone.
  • Transfer files to your phone’s Harddrive: Try transferring files from the phone hard drive instead of the SD card.
  • Avoid transferring large amounts of files: Reducing the number of files you transfer at once can solve the problem.
  • Transfer large files in parts: If you have large files (in gigabytes), copy them one by one to avoid any errors.

If the above methods did not fix the error, try the next two methods.

1. Use the appropriate delivery protocol:

Select the appropriate transfer protocol that allows the system to read your files in convertible format.

First, you disconnect the USB cable from the computer and connect it to another USB port.

error fix On the phone screen, select file transfer (may vary by phone model) from the interface Use USB to.

– On the computer, you will receive a notification in the system tray when a device is connected, you click on it and click on Select Open the device to view files.

error fix After that, you can copy the files on your phone to your computer. Alternatively, you can try to check picture transfer (PTP) in the phone screen to check if the error can be fixed.

2. Update the USB Hub driver:

Updating USB drivers will fix errors that interfere with the operation of the device connected to its port, and resolve corrupt drivers.

Right-click the Start button > Select device manager.

error fix – Found Universal Serial Bus Controllers And double click on it > right click on it > select USB Root Hub (USB 3.0) > Press Update drivers.

In the window that appears, click Automatically search for drivers To search for USB drivers.

error fix Repeat the above steps for the other USB Root Hub drivers.

It is recommended to use the driver updater application to scan for outdated USB drivers and perform better updates, for example IObit Driver Booster 10 Free.

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