Fitbit Android app launches Health Connect Support [Update: Active]

After Samsung and Google Fit, Fitbit now supports Health Connect with version 3.69 rolling out widely this morning.

Update 10/31After the initial app rollout, the server-side component required to sync Fitbit with Health Connect is now active as well. One indication of this is going to the Fitbit app > clicking on your profile avatar in the upper left corner > “Health Connect” (at the bottom).

Ensure that “Sync with Health Connect” is enabled. You can also check the timeline for recent access to Health Connect.

The Fitbit app can write data like workouts, sleep, and heart rate to Health Connect. You can choose what data you want Fitbit to write to your device.

The data in Health Connect is stored on your device, and other apps you’ve set up using Health Connect will be able to access this data. How these apps use data will vary depending on the app, but each app should explain how they use your data.

Original 10/24Fitbit 3.69 debuted last week and is now widely available across the Play Store this morning. After the update, we didn’t immediately see a prompt or explanation to enable Health Connect, which was the case with Google Fit.

Alternatively, opening Health Connect (from the Quick Settings box) shows Fitbit as a compatible app. Go to App Permissions and Fitbit will be listed under ‘No access allowed’. From there, select Allow All or choose from: distance, altitude gained, exercise, floors climbed, heart rate, sleep, steps, and total calories burned.

You can disable and delete the data at any time. We don’t see any other changes with Fitbit version 3.69. The new bottom bar we discovered isn’t yet up and running on Android or iOS.

Meanwhile, the 0.1.1153.480892628.0-open_beta version of Health Connect was released this morning as well and adds a “recent access” timeline for some. It lets you “see which apps have accessed your data in the past 24 hours” and what they have added (eg activity, sleep, vitals).

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