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Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year. In 2021, people spent billions of dollars on shopping with an average annual increase of 3.5% in spending over 20 years.

One thing these guys don’t realize yet: They don’t have to wait until November to find deals. On average, major retailers offer a modest 10-20% discount on the majority of their stock, and the discounted prices listed can sometimes be inflated by deceiving cost comparisons.

Once upon a time, Black Friday was truly a day to save big. These days, Black Friday is just a day when companies spend more on advertising. In addition to this disappointing fact, it promotes excessive consumption which has a very negative impact on the environment and contributes significantly to e-waste.

We don’t blame people for wanting to save—especially not on expensive devices like Apple iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks.

Apple makes some of the best smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smartwatches available today. Although they’re not the innovative giants they used to be when Steve Jobs was around, the iPhone accounts for about 55% of smartphone sales in the US. And the M1 Macbook’s performance convinced a slew of lifelong PC users to finally move to a Mac, too.

With Black Friday just around the corner, people will surely be looking forward to finding better deals on Apple devices than they are offered throughout the year. But let’s really take a look at our options and see how you can actually save a lot this year.

Apple didn’t have any sales on Black Friday

Let’s just get a band-aid out: Apple never promotes any limited-time discounts on any of its devices.

You can expect the retail price of last year’s iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, and Apple Watch to drop by about 10% when new models are released. Other than that, Apple hasn’t been unheard of to offer any deals — not even during Black Friday.

So we don’t have optimistic predictions about any Black Friday 2022 deals from Apple. We expect the same thing we did in 2021 (and every year before that).

Now, of course, you can shop at major retailers who usually discount old inventory or overstocked items. But these are limited supply deals, and they’re usually modest savings anyway.

The best way to get Apple devices for cheap: Buy refurbished

In any case, buying an Apple device does not mean having to buy a new Apple device. In fact, it is always a good idea to go for used ones if you are looking to save money.

No one knows exactly how Apple decides to price its goods. In fact, since the $1,000 Mac stand, we’re not sure they know either.

One thing is for sure, their branding and marketing costs are built into the pricing of their devices. Which is why their phones are priced as if they were laptops.

Purchasing a used device significantly lowers some of these costs. The only problem is that you can’t be sure of the quality of all the hardware used – some may be more used than others, after all.

The solution to this is to buy a refurbished device instead. Refurbished items have been inspected by a certified professional and any damaged parts have been repaired or replaced.

Apple’s revamped program is a good option, however. . .

At the bottom of the Apple website, you can find a link to their certified refurbished devices. All products out there have been rigorously tested (like all refurbished items) and they include a 12-month warranty.

You can find many of their products for sale in refurbished condition, from Macs to Apple Pencils. If you really want to buy directly from Apple, this is the best option.

However, it is absolutely not the best option to buy a cheap Apple device. In our opinion, it’s nice for Apple to have a replacement and renewal program — but it’s still very expensive.

You can get the same high quality Genuine and Refurbished parts from authorized service providers as anywhere else. And they don’t cost nearly as much. After all, a refurbished Apple device is only 15% off their new prices.

. . . Refurbished markets are your best bet

If you want to save more, you need to check out refurbished markets.

Everyone is familiar with websites like eBay and Craigslist, but the problem with those second-hand markets is that there is no guarantee on purchases.

With refurbished markets, you get a great deal and a guarantee that the item will work.

For example, Back Market has deals on all kinds of Apple items at up to 30-70% off. Plus, you still get a minimum 12-month warranty.

Although these types of websites don’t technically participate in Black Friday deals, these types of deals are available year-round. And in the case of Back Market, they’re at least putting together the famous Apple deals just in time for Black Friday.

Yes, there is a difference between used and refurbished

While we’re on the subject, it’s worth clarifying the difference between a user and a regenerator. While both are used terms, they are not interchangeable.

Used items have been used. Clear and simple enough. The part that makes it complicated is that there is no standardized way to describe how much an item is used. I was basically left to make a purchase decision based on some shabby photos and a lot of confidence.

On the other hand, regenerated items are used similarly, but then regenerate. Parts are replaced if worn out, any remaining damage is detected, and there is always a warranty offered to guarantee the item.

It states more simply:

  • Used items are not refurbished, and they are not always safe purchases.
  • The refurbished items were used, but then refurbished; They are always safe purchases.

No, it’s probably not worth upgrading your iPhone, Apple Watch, or MacBook every year

Now worth noting: You don’t have to buy the latest and greatest. Not from Apple and not from any other brand.

Phones and laptops these days are incredibly good. Even tech enthusiasts are starting to comment on how real innovation and progress has plateaued.

Instead of just upgrading every year by default, you should ask yourself if doing so will actually improve your daily life. In most cases, we think there is very little difference between one generation and the next.

Does it make sense to wait for Black Friday deals?

Black Friday deals can be good if you’re willing to spend a lot of money on bundled deals. Retailers also sometimes clear inventory calling for a 10-25% discount savings.

Despite the talk quite a bit — especially for Apple items — it’s really not worth waiting for November to buy new hardware. It’s a good time to buy gifts for the holiday season anyway. But you don’t necessarily have to wait until after Thanksgiving to get your Christmas shopping done.

The revamped purchase instead lets you score Black Friday deals every day of the year. You’re still getting very capable hardware, it’s just that at a huge discount. To reiterate, Back Market has discounts of 30-70% – that’s at least double what Apple offers at 15%, and still beats typical retailer discounts whenever they happen.

We can all admit that it’s fun to shop on Black Friday. But they’re also bad for the environment, and usually bad for your wallet, too. We think everyone should consider at least considering revamped options. It’s a better alternative to new – and the best way to ensure you’re getting the greatest possible deal on expensive devices.

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