Facebook Messenger is getting some new features

Meta has announced that it is adding some new features to its Facebook Messenger app, the news was announced by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

This includes new features such as end-to-end encryption chat features and will also expand end-to-end encryption of conversations to more countries.

We’ve also begun to gradually expand our default end-to-end encryption testing for Messenger. We know that people want a space to connect and they want to know that these conversations are private, safe and secure. That’s why we’ve taken the time to put together a team of talented engineers, cryptographers, designers, and policy experts all committed to deploying virtual end-to-end encryption on Messenger.

Over the next few months, more people will continue to see some of their conversations gradually upgraded with an additional layer of protection offered by end-to-end end-to-end encryption. We’ll notify people in these individual chat threads while they’re upgrading. We know people will have questions about how individual threads are selected and promoted, so we wanted to make it clear that this is a random process. It is designed to be random so that there is no negative impact on our infrastructure and people’s chatting experience. This also ensures that new end-to-end encrypted threads continue to give people a fast, reliable and rich experience on Messenger.

You can find out more details about all the new features that are coming to Facebook Messenger in the Meta at the link below.

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