Everything you need to know before the launch event

After years of constant rumors, the Pixel Watch is finally set to launch soon. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Google’s first smartwatch.

We’ve been following the Pixel Watch rumor mill for what seems like an eternity, and so it’s comforting to see it finally launch on us. But what did Google actually reveal officially about the wearable, and what do other rumors indicate, prior to its launch? To answer these questions and more, keep reading.

release day

Pixel Watch will be released in 6 Octoberat 10 a.m. ET (3 p.m. GMT).

The device will debut alongside the Pixel 7 series of smartphones and a new pair of true wireless earbuds. However, the first time the wearable was revealed at Google I/O 2022 earlier this year, it really whetted our appetite for a full launch.


Our most reliable Pixel Watch price estimate is from 9to5Google. According to this site, you can expect the Wi-Fi-only model to cost $349.99 (around £310), while the LTE variant will apparently cost $399.99 (around £355). Those prices put it in a similar bracket to the Apple Watch Series 8 (from $399), and would make it a bit more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 (from $279.99), so we’re eager to know its specs and software will measure against Apple’s premium wearable.

Google Pixel watch debut
Credit: Google

Design and display

  • Leaked design shows off the slim profile
  • bezel-less screen close
  • one physical input

With so many leaks leading up to this point, there were very few surprises in predicting what the Pixel Watch would look like, and as it turns out, the renderings were pretty much spot on.

Coated with a pebble-like body, the Pixel Watch is designed with a two-tone overlapping aesthetics with a rotating crown on the right side. From what we can see so far, it appears that there are three color variants for the Pixel watch: black, silver, and rose gold. These colors are reflected on the underside of the watch and on the rotating crown. The front-facing portion has a nearly bezel-less display that complements the Pixel Watch’s seamless design.

This design was further demystified when a Reddit user apparently got their hands on a sample of the watch and documented the opening of its unofficial box with plenty of revealing photos.

According to 9to5Google, there will be a renewed focus on watch faces with this wearable, as this source noted the mention of “photos_watchface_preview” in the Google Photos app code, suggesting that you can create custom watch faces using your saved face. Pictures.

google pixel watch black
Credit: Google


  • Exynos 9110 chipset
  • 24 hour battery life

An in-depth look at the specs list for the new watch came courtesy of popular Twitter user Yogesh Brar.

It must be said that there may be some surprises in this list, not necessarily good ones. For starters, it looks like it will run on the older Snapdragon smartwatch chipset, the Exynos 9110, rather than the newer Exynos W920. Furthermore, the battery life will only last for 24 hours according to this source, which is less than ideal.

However, there are plenty of other attractive features rumored to be joining the watch, including a heart rate sensor and EKG, while the body looks sturdy thanks to 5ATM water resistance and a Gorilla Glass 5 display.


  • Set to run on Wear OS 3
  • Google has partnered with Samsung on the program
  • There will be integration with Fitbit

There’s still a lot to learn about the features in the Pixel Watch, like battery life, but Google has revealed that the Fitbit ecosystem will play a big role in the watch’s fitness tracking.

Fitbit Active Zone minutes — which tracks your process week by week to achieve your fitness goals — are coming to the Pixel Watch. Compared to daily results, AZM allows you to offset your progress on different days which is better suited to busy people with an ever-changing schedule.

Fitbit sleep tracking and continuous heart rate monitoring will also be available, giving you a more comprehensive understanding of your current health sources.

Without going into too much detail, Google has hinted at the seamless use of its own apps on the Pixel Watch, so we can expect a fast and streamlined experience when using services like Google Assistant and Google Maps. However, 9to5Google has reported that you may need to install a whole new app in order to access the Pixel Watch functionality on your phone, in addition to the usual Wear OS app, which may be a sign of high-performance functionality.

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