Everything you need to know about Mark’s cheating scandal from Love Is Blind

love is blind‘s Mark Cuevas gained notoriety for his affair with Jessica Batten, but he has been labeled a cheater ever since. The couple became instantly recognizable due to their 10-year age gap and awkwardness. Mark, ready to take the next step with someone, has been vying for Jessica’s love since day one, while Jessica seemed unable to make up her mind. Fans soon began to take Mark’s side, making Jessica the villain, due to her unwillingness to open her heart. However, recent revelations seem to show that Mark wasn’t the nice guy he made himself to be, and that he was unfaithful all along.

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Jessica and Mark’s game of cat and mouse was a story that kept fans guessing. Her uncertainty about her marriage to Mark made fans wonder if they’d ever get back down the aisle as husband and wife. Jessica would try to open up, by telling Mark about her family life and past dating experiences, but it was clear that the two weren’t quite a match. While it shouldn’t have come as a surprise, given her behavior, the couple ultimately didn’t live happily ever after, once Jessica said, “I can’t.” While fans felt for Mark at the end of the season, it’s really Jessica who deserves sympathy, after going through so much with her ex-fiancé.

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Did Mark Cuevas Cheat On Jessica Patten During Love Is Blind?

Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas in Love is Blind kiss her hand

After the show concluded filming, he love is blind Alum Mark moved on quickly, after Jessica rejected him at the altar. He began dating Lauren “LC” Champlin, another contestant on the show. The couple was together for a short time before splitting during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was brought to LC’s attention (via a Reddit post) that Mark had been seeing other women the entire time they were dating. Mark denied that he and LC were in a relationship, and explained that he had spent a few weeks with LC, but was not in an exclusive relationship with her. He added that he wished her all the best.

Apparently, this wasn’t the first time Mark, who said he received death threats before his son was born, has allegedly been a two-timing woman. while filming love is blindJessica said he was seeing other women on set. According to a fan’s comment about Mark seeing so many women when engaged to Jessica on an Instagram post, Jessica was taken aback. She said she only knew of one example of infidelity. Mark hasn’t commented since Jessica’s bold response, leading fans to believe he cheated on her during the show.

After Mark broke up with LC, he got into another relationship with Aubrey Rainey. The couple, who welcomed a son in 2021, were not present Love is Blind: After the Altar. Mark and Aubrey marry in 2022, with many more love is blind couples in attendance. Mark was a hot topic during the sequel, with former contestants, including Jessica and LC, commenting on his absence. If Mark had shown up, one could only imagine the drama that would unfold from that confrontation.

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