Everything we know about the rumored premium flagship of Apple

The rumor mill points to an unprecedented iPhone Ultra coming onto the scene, and here’s everything we know about it so far.

The iPhone 14 series just launched, but the internet is already heating up with more rumors about Apple’s next batch of devices, and none of the tales we’ve heard so far have been as exciting as the news that the iPhone 15 Ultra is potentially in the works.

This will be Apple’s highest-grossing smartphone of the year, beating even the likes of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, so in the article below, we’ve rounded up all the information we know about it so far.

release day

The iPhone 15 Ultra, if it appears, will likely be revealed, along with the rest of the iPhone 15 line, which we expect to appear in mid to late September 2023. In fact, we’ve put smart money as the last product revealed that day, Thanks to Apple’s traditional look.

The iPhone release date schedule is pretty well established so far, and while we haven’t found an official or unofficial release date yet, it’s a fairly safe bet that we’ll see the new iPhone series (and possibly Ultra as well) in early fall based on Previous years:

While the device will likely be available for pre-order at night, it will be delivered and available on store shelves, a few days after its launch.


There are a number of big questions about the iPhone 15 Ultra, but one of the biggest is the price of this proposal. Today’s high-end iPhones are hardly cheap, and logic dictates that this would be the most expensive of them all, so let’s just say this wouldn’t be a budget buy; You should only consider buying this monster if you have serious money to burn.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max, Apple’s most expensive smartphone currently, retails for $1,099/£1,199, so you might have to expect a few hundred pounds or dollars more on top of that in order to get some premium extra features.


The design is the one area where we’ve received the most information about this potential new iPhone. For starters, it’s very likely that you’ll have a USB-C port instead of a Lightning port, as Apple CEO Greg Joswiak (less enthusiastic) confirmed that after an EU ruling on the matter, “Obviously we have to comply, not They have a choice.”

Regardless, potentially valuable information has arrived from LeaksApplePro, a Twitter source who claimed that the new iPhone 15 Ultra will be cast from titanium. This certainly made sense given that this is the same metal used to build the Apple Watch Ultra, and may indicate that Apple’s next phone is very durable in the same way.

what we want to see

So far, the rumors are rather weak regarding the iPhone 15 Ultra. Finally, it’s not certain that there will ever be one, and we’ll have to wait for more confirmed leaks before we really start the countdown to launch.

However, based on our experiences with the iPhone 14 series, there are still some changes we’d like to see embodied in this potentially legendary device.

For starters, our editor Max Parker suggested that this might be a perfect fit for Apple to embrace the foldable form factor for the first time, writing that this rethink is “very logical” and “would give the high-end phone a distinct differentiation from the Pro models.” We’ve seen Samsung achieve increasing success with this format, especially with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, and it will undoubtedly be interesting to see how Apple can implement a similar idea.

iPhone 14 Pro Max lock screen
iPhone 14 Pro Max

If we’re looking for some more modest tweaks to the formula, here are some suggestions we’ve come up with based on our experience with the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The first is that Apple may consider adding curved sides to the phone’s display, which would make it very easy to hold a large screen device, especially at 6.7 inches or more, where the straight edges can feel uncomfortable. When held for long periods of time.

Moreover, we definitely recommend paying more attention to zoom capabilities, as currently the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra can clearly beat Apple’s best offering in this score.

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