Every MCU Character Could Stop Thanos (and Why They Didn’t)

Various powerful MCU characters can stop Thanos Just in time to block the Snap. Thanos is the main villain in the entire Infinity saga for a reason. He is not only incredibly powerful, but also possesses the intelligence, resources, and ambition to complement his strength. Thanos orchestrated Loki’s invasion of Earth in Avengers Ronan’s attack on Xander V Guardians of the Galaxyand gain all six Infinity Stones before the end of Avengers: Infinity War. Of course, only the best MCU warriors can say they defeated Mad Titan.

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The Infinity Saga proves that defeating Thanos from the MCU requires more than raw power. After being crowned SCAR champion in motorcycle rental, The Hulk was completely humiliated in a one-on-one fight with Thanos at the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War. Similarly, some of the most powerful members of the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy failed to stop Thanos multiple times before Snap performed. However, it was Iron Man’s wit that ended Thanos’ victory streak.

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Several powerful MCUs like The Ancient One, Ego, Hela, and Surtur could have neutralized the Mad Titan fairly easily. However, there is no evidence that they knew of Thanos’ genocidal plan, or in Hela’s case, there is no way to prove if she could have defeated Thanos without Surtur’s help even if she took the Infinity Gauntlet seriously. Other powerful heroes like Thor, Captain Marvel, and Doctor Strange seem to be able to beat Thanos themselves, but to the surprise of many, Avengers: Endgame prove otherwise. Only a few characters are left alive and able to stop Thanos in his tracks before the tragic events in Avengers: Infinity War And the Avengers: Endgame. Here they are.

Kang/he who stays

Although they have been perfected over time, Kang and his variants are not seen anywhere during the Infinity Saga. This does not mean that they did not have any knowledge about Thanos and the Avengers. In fact, the opposite is true. He Who Remains and TVA carefully guarded the continuity of the Infinity Saga events in order to preserve the sacred timeline, so they probably knew every little detail about Thanos’ plan by heart. He Who Remains could order his TVA agents to prune Thanos at any time in his quest, but maintaining the sacred schedule was always a higher priority for him.

As for Kang the Conqueror, it is not yet known whether his rise to power is at an end or not. loki It will affect any part of the MCU’s history. Given how much the actions of Mad Titan have affected universe history, it is certainly in the best interest of Kang’s multiverse plan to let history take its course. While Kang and his evil variants could benefit from destroying or interrupting Thanos’ plan, they would risk their existence without the stability that the sacred timeline provides.

Eternal and Heavenly

He could have stopped The Eternals Thanos once he reached Xandar, Knowhere, Titan or Wakanda. After all, their strength and experience would have helped them orchestrate an effective attack that would have put the Avengers to shame. In fact, the Celestial and Eternal Stones could have had a huge impact on every part of the MCU from the start. Like Chloe Zhao eternity He explains, that they all refuse to meddle in deadly matters because of their loyalty to one goal. Both the heavenly and the eternal live to ensure that more heavens are born, and they make no effort except when it helps the cause, intentionally or unknowingly.

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Now that Eternal had learned about their true nature, none of them seemed to be eager to follow Celestial’s guidance anymore. Sersi, Makkari, Druig, Phastos, Kingo, and Eros can now join the Avengers and fight threats like Thanos. Unfortunately, their rebellion happened too late to block Snap. Perhaps future installments in the Multiverse Saga will show the Avengers’ reactions to the Eternals’ neglect.

live court

Both Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness And the Thor: Love and Thunder Confirm the existence of the live court. In Marvel Comics, this powerful being is the ambassador for The One Above All, the omnipotent being who rules the multiverse. The Living Court has the power to destroy planets and defeat the most powerful beings of the multiverse, but it only intervenes when its three faces come to a joint decision – and only when it is absolutely necessary. Thanos’ snap was clearly not important to the live trial, as annihilating half of the life in the universe wasn’t enough to get his attention. The absence of court in the Infinity Saga is ominous, as his apparent decision to ignore Thanos’ actions suggests that there may be worse crimes that merit live court intervention.

the watchers

Similar to Live Court and He Who Remains, the Watchers are incredibly powerful cosmic beings who oversee every event that happens in the MCU. Instead of apparent negligence or impartiality, they refuse to interfere in global conflicts because of their oath to Respect everything that happens.” The only event that has caused the MCU Watcher to take part in the action so far is the Infinity Ultron invasion of the multiverse during What if…? Season 1. Until then, the Observer had only gathered guardians in the multiverse to fight on his behalf. Even if The Watchers reject Thanos’ actions, they can do nothing to stop him.


Odin, Ego, and the Ancient One would have been major obstacles to Thanos’ plan. That’s why Thanos didn’t go to work until after their death. Among these three characters, Odin was the one who had all the resources needed to nip Thanos’ mission in the bud from the start. Odin could have infiltrated Thanos and his minions with the help of Heimdall’s all-seeing eye before ordering Asgard’s greatest warriors to attack Thanos and keep the stones away from each other. However, Odin did not pay enough attention to the universe outside his nine worlds. He was too busy with the frequent attacks on Asgard, and failed to prevent Loki from being thrown to the ground, where he eventually died. Odin was too old to pursue potential threats as aggressively as Thanos, and the unfortunate circumstances around his twilight years meant he couldn’t contribute much to the fight against the Mad Titan.

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Zeus and every city omnipotent

Thor: Love and ThunderIt reveals that all mythical deities exist somewhere out there with dangerous implications within the MCU. One is the fact that all deities must ignore Thanos’ quest to collect the Infinity Stones and the subsequent capture. as such Thor: Love and Thunder It shows that most of the gods are busy enjoying the hedonistic life in the city of omnipotence, where Zeus leads the show. It would have taken a fraction of Omnipotence City to stop Thanos, but the gods are too far from the mortal world to know or care about what’s going on outside. This will likely change now that all the gods have seen how easy it is to humiliate them, as Thor and his friends wreck the party in Thor: Love and Thunder And Zeus is pierced by a bolt of lightning. Unfortunately, again, this will happen too late for Snap’s victims.

scarlet witch

The only avenger who had the ability to stop Thanos on his own this whole time was Scarlet Witch. Unlike Thor, who needed a Stormbreaker; Captain Marvel, who was not suitable for Thanos’ hand-to-hand combat skills; And Doctor Strange, barely slower than a mad Titan with his array of spells, the Scarlet Witch was able to push Thanos to the brink of death in Avengers: EndgameThe final battle. If not for Thanos’ army, the Scarlet Witch could have ripped Thanos to shreds with her chaotic magic in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, events Captain America: Civil War Scarlet Witch and Vision drove off their guard at the beginning Avengers: Infinity WarWanda Maximoff had no chance of meeting Thanos until it was too late. It was only until the Vermilion Witch returned Avengers: Endgame that had the opportunity to confront him Thanos Face to face and nearly killed him in the process. Had Scarlet Witch accompanied Thor and Hulk on their Asgardian ship, the Infinity Saga could have ended quite differently.

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