Ericsson faces lawsuit from Russia’s Telco Tele2 over market exit

According to Tele2 executives who spoke to Reuters on Friday, Russian telecommunications company Tele2 has filed a lawsuit in Moscow against Ericsson over what it claims is the Swedish company’s failure to support equipment supply agreements. They are aware of a legal dispute that has been mentioned in the Russian media, but we cannot comment further at this time.

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Ericsson announced a fine of 900 million Swedish kronor ($81 million) and layoffs of 400 local employees as part of its announcement that it will cease operations in Russia in April and complete its exit from the market in the coming months. After hearing rumors that the company had continued to export to Russia, Ericsson responded in September by claiming that while it was still providing software and technical support to its Russian customers, it had stopped selling communications equipment to Russian mobile operators as of February 24, when Moscow was in service. Tens of thousands of troops to Ukraine.

In a statement to Reuters on Friday, Tele2 said it had initiated legal proceedings against Ericsson Corporation and Satel TVK as a result of the companies refusing to take responsibility for providing the equipment. The majority of unfulfilled orders for equipment were prior to the imposition of sanctions.

Ericsson equipment was supplied to Tele2 by the Russian company Satel TVK. The complaint was notified to the Moscow Arbitration Court. In an effort to find a solution, Tele2 claimed it had been in discussions with Ericsson for eight months, but the company had not made any helpful suggestions.

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