Earn money while playing games: tips and tricks

Thanks to a variety of smooth digital platforms, people are now earning a lot of money playing video games. It has become a possible and sustainable source of great income generation, especially in the last couple of years.

As the platforms and social media networks for gaming become more accessible, the video game industry is experiencing a massive increase in both revenue and players. So here are some of the best ways you can earn money passively by playing video games.

However, this is especially recommended for individuals who are used to gaming or want to play games as a profession.


Create a following using the YouTube channel

Many regular and hardcore gamers are making money with YouTube. YouTube is one of the largest social networks out there. The platform provides players with an opportunity to greatly expand their reach. They can live stream their gameplay or upload video game walkthroughs for a global audience.

In addition, you can also upload gaming videos or detailed tutorials. You can become an online gaming expert or maestro, teaching players tricks and tips to have better and different games.

After you build a following, you can monetize your channel. YouTube starts paying players a certain portion of ad revenue after they reach 1000 subscribers.

It becomes a test game

During the initial development stages of any video game, companies are looking for avid and professional game testers to take out their products for experimentation. Game testers analyze different game mechanics, items, graphics, and gameplay environments. It helps companies correct potential bugs, allowing them to get the game ready for launch sooner.

Being a game tester, you can find and join many ongoing projects and possibly earn up to $60,000 per year. You can even supplement your base income with the money you earn on the side as a game tester.

Broadcast your gameplay videos on Twitch

Twitch is a popular social media platform that has geared itself towards providing advanced features and functionality to gamers. It is an online broadcasting giant and has also become a widely popular social network.

After you have identified your target audience and gained some traction, you can start monetizing your account. Monetization is somewhat similar to Google AdSense. This means that you will get paid in proportion to the total views you get.

However, you first have to create a viable fan base, after which you will be able to apply for channel monetization.

Start an online gaming training site

If you are a hardcore gamer and you also like to teach, why not start a coaching business? As a Professional Game Instructor or Tutorial Specialist, your job will be to upload daily gameplay guidelines and tutorials.

You will also be responsible for providing players with applicable tips and strategies on how to improve in different games. For example, you can teach or upload content to help players improve their aiming and movement in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Similarly, you can also help professional or mid-level players to prepare for upcoming gaming tournaments and matches.

Earn money by sharing data

If you are a gamer, it is safe to say that you already have a satisfactory internet connection. Well, why not use it to make money by doing nothing? Sounds like a dream come true, right?

Platforms like Honeygain are among the countless similar passive earning possibilities out there. The app offers users money for using the internet. Moreover, you can use it on multiple operating systems, such as Mac, Windows, and Android.

All you have to do is run the app in the background of your device. Your internet speed will not be affected.

Participate in gaming contests and tournaments

While competitive gaming isn’t a sustainable or steady stream of income, it can be if you’re a dedicated professional. How? Well, professional eSports players participate in different gaming tournaments around the world. There are competitions held for games like Call of Duty, Counterstrike GO, Fortnite, League of Legends, Street Fighter 5, Tekken, and more.

Winning these tournaments can net you big cash rewards! However, you must be very good at the games that you will be competing in.

Get a job as a video game journalist

Another interesting and fun way you can make money in the video game industry is to become a video game journalist. Video game journalists make, on average, more than $50,000 annually.

As a gaming journalist, you will be reporting daily and stories on popular video games, trending drivers, drivers and disruptions in the industry, and much more. However, if you can make a name for yourself, you might even be able to meet company CEOs and/or professional esports players.


So, there you go. A bunch of profitable opportunities that you can take advantage of if you want to make money as a player.

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