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Indiegogo has launched a new wearable augmented reality display, allowing you to enjoy playing console games from your PlayStation 5, Xbox or Steam Deck in a new immersive way. The Dream Glass Flow wearable display lets you watch movies from mobile phones, tablets or Chromecast wireless streaming system and features Wi-Fi 6. The wearable display can be used with a variety of different portable gaming systems as well as all cloud gaming services such as Xbox Cloud or NVIDIA Now. Providing a cinema you can use anywhere to enjoy movies, games and more on your own 120″ screen.

The wearable monitor weighs just 59g and is ergonomically designed to be comfortable even when worn for long periods of time, features Wi-Fi 6 and 5G connectivity and can be connected to your powerful gaming PC, be it portable or handheld.

Wearable Screen Features

Early pledges at special rates are now available for the interesting project from around $379 or £355 (According to current exchange rates)offering a huge discount of about 39% off the recommended retail price, while Indiegogo crowdfunding is underway.

Dream Glass Flow is compatible with Remote Play for PlayStation, Xbox and PC, as well as cloud gaming / video streaming across different platforms. It also upgrades the mobile gaming experience from 7 inches to 120 inches for mobile devices (Nintendo Switch, Steam Dick and more). As a The world’s leading augmented reality glasses, Dream Glass Flow’s Cloud Computation Box is equipped with Wi-Fi 6 and 2×2 MIMO (Multiple Input and Output) technology, which efficiently uses network bandwidth and eliminates latency, providing you with the smoothest online gaming experience Dream Glass Flow weighs only 59g/2oz, and provides a comfortable gaming experience anytime you want and anywhere you go!”

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If the Dream Glass Flow campaign succeeds in increasing the required pledge target and production progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected sometime around November 2022. To learn more about the Dream Glass Flow wearable display project, watch the promotional video below.

“The future of gaming on the cloud. Dream Glass Flow supports all cloud gaming platforms like GeForce Now, Xbox Game Pass, Parsec and more, making gaming on the cloud easier than ever before. No need for the latest GPU that costs a fortune, with Wi-Fi connectivity 6 and 5G compatibility, Dream Glass Flow allows you to easily play AAA masterpieces. Look into the future!”

Who doesn’t love mobile games? Now you can play your favorite games on the go. But still something is missing, you can’t take your TV with you at the same time…Now you don’t have to settle for less! Dream Glass Flow is the best hardware companion Portable games like the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck. No longer staring at the small screen, you can now be free to enjoy your mobile games with a 120″ screen! Upgrade your mobile experience with Dream Glass Flow to immerse yourself in the online world wherever you go!”

For a complete list of all available special pledges, extended objectives, additional media and wearable engineering specifications, head over to the official Dream Glass Flow funding campaign page by following the link below.

Source: Indiegogo

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