DPD self-delivery robots launched in the UK

DPD has announced that it is launching autonomous delivery robots in the UK, and the robots will be used in Milton Keynes and will deliver up to 30 packages per day.

This is part of this new delivery bots trial and will work from the company’s Knowhill repository, more information below.

The robots, powered by artificial intelligence technology, “learn” the routes and will then be able to find their way to delivery addresses, completely independently. Cartken’s level 4 autonomy and pioneering navigation technology is one of the safest delivery solutions on the market and is currently in use by auto tech giant Mitsubishi in Japan, and leading food delivery company GrubHub in the United States.

If the trial is successful, DPD intends to expand its sustainable, autonomous final mile solution across the city, which could enable it to begin removing traditional delivery trucks from the road network.

Eileen Kerr, CEO of DPD UK commented: “This is a really important experience for us. We want to understand the role that delivery robots can play in certain UK locations. It is a sustainable solution, and we really want to see if they can help us keep the trucks away. For the road ahead.The technology is proven and with the DPD brand looks great.The public response to the electric fleet has been amazing, so I am confident customers will adopt these smart robots as part of the way forward.

It will be interesting to see what happens with this trial of the new DPD self-delivery robots in the UK.

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