Doctor Strange 2 ends with the perfect Wong Disney + show

The ending of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness creates the perfect show for Wong on Disney+ with America Chavez and other magicians.

Warning: SPOILERS for Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness!

Marvel Studios held the perfect Wong spinoff Disney+ show at Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness“The end. Now the McU’s highest magician, Wong receives a greater role than usual Dr. Gharib sequel. Combining his magical prowess with Benedict Wong’s performance and better action sequences, Wong was once again a standout. While the character is likely to remain in Doctor Strange’s shadow, Dr. Gharib 2The ending’s offers a great teaser as to where his MCU story could go next.

After appearing in Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings And the Spider-Man: There’s no way homeWong’s role in Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness It also shows Marvel’s efforts to raise the character. His promotion to the highest magician and master’s leader in Sufi arts is a major deal. The responsibilities that come with this title are raised throughout the second part. Whether it’s assembling an army of witches to protect Kamar-Taj from the Scarlet Witch or leading it to rebuild after her attack, Wong has his hands full – and that’s without thinking about the fate of the multiverse.

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As part of the rebuilding of Qamar Taj, Dr. Gharib 2Its ending shows a glimpse of what could be a perfect show for Wong. When the film ends, Wong and Doctor Strange are shown again in Kamar-Taj, where America Chavez is now harnessing her powers and practicing in the mystical arts. Dr. Strange leaves them to pursue his own adventures, which totally involve Charlize Theron, but this leaves Wong and America Chavez together. As the supreme wizard, Wong must play a key role in teaching America and other young wizards how to harness their magical powers. Instead of cramming this story into Doctor Strange 3 Or skip it altogether, Wong training America Chavez and a new class of magical recruits would be an excellent Disney+ show for Marvel.

One of the advantages of Disney+ is that Marvel Studios can expand the different corners of the MCU. The Wong and America Chavez pop-up would be the perfect opportunity to expand the magical side of the franchise even more. WandaVision Exploring magic is already intense, and Agatha: Pete Harkness He would do the same, but the Wong spinoff could focus on the good side of magic instead. It would also be a great way for Marvel to take advantage of Wong’s growing popularity and participation in various events. Now instead of being a secondary or supporting character in someone else’s movie, Wong can receive the spotlight afterwards Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness.

Wong spinoff can be the MCU’s way to adapt a coil strange academy Caricature. The 2020 series of Skottie Young shows Doctor Strange forming a magical school to train the next generation of magicians. In this sense, Wong’s sub-method can be Marvel’s way to borrow from Harry Potter Introducing the next generation of magical users. America Chavez can remain a main character, while Magic, Nico Minoru, and other mutant X-Men can appear as students, including Wanda’s son, Billy, who has inherited his mother’s magical powers. Someone like Brother Voodoo can even appear as another teacher, while Mordo from Earth-616 can return as a villain. In this sense, the Wong spinoff will be much more than him, but Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness It really sets the stage for the need for a new wave of wizards, and there’s no better way to achieve that than with Disney+.

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