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This week Microsoft announced the arrival of the Scorn to Xbox Game Pass And COO of Ebb Software Miroslav Mićevi took to the new official Xbox website this week to reveal more details about what you can expect from Survival, horror adventure game.

Scorn is a single-player game developed by Ebb Software for Microsoft Windows and Xbox Series X/S in which players take on the role of a lost human in a nightmare world filled with strange creatures and living technical organic structures made up of machines, flesh, and bones. Over the course of the game, they must explore different areas that are interconnected in a non-linear manner, searching for answers that explain more about the game world.

Explore a lively, interconnected, dynamic maze, Solve strange puzzles and piece together the secrets that lie deep within the disturbing world of Scorn. When she learns her harsh rules, survival may be possible. However, finding the truth is an entirely different question. “

Survival horror adventure

“Starting today, Game Pass members on Xbox Series X | S and Windows can step into the surreal and nightmarish world of Scorn. From its nerve-wracking surroundings, mystical world, and frightening creations, Scorn has been one of the most anticipated games to try as well as one of the Most Mysterious Game: How do you play? Is it a shooter? Will I need a safety blanket?”

Disdain has been described as an ‘atmospheric horror adventure from a first-person perspective. Would you say that puts this in the same vein as others in the genre such as Dear Esther and Gone Home? Were those games, or others, the inspiration behind the creation of the Disdain game? H.R. Giger (“Alien”) is clearly inspired by the appearance of The game – and it looks great from everything we’ve seen. Have you teamed up with other artists associated with its art form to bring to life the world of scorn? What is the most challenging part of replicating this art form in environmental design?”

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