Descendant custom ROM arrives on OnePlus 7 and two other phones

Earlier this year in April, the team behind the custom ROM for Descendant released Descendant 12.1 – the first stable ROM based on Android 12L. Initially, the team released the ROM for a few devices and included several bug fixes. Shortly thereafter, the team released a May update with a bunch of changes under the hood. And now, it’s rolling out the June 2022 edition of Descendant with support for three more devices and two new features.

Descendant is known for providing innovative software features in addition to the vanilla Android experience. The trend continues with the June release as well. Aside from the introduction of Android security patches in June 2022, the new design comes with a nice little weather widget powered by There is also a new watch style, inspired by Sony’s own design principles. Moreover, you can now mirror the lock screen clock pattern on the home screen, thanks to the newly introduced “Continuity Clock” widget.

Next comes Descendant Sounds – a custom set of ringtones baked right into the ROM. It is not just another ringtone app. It not only fuses with Descendant’s design philosophy, but also offers four different dynamic sound templates for media, including Water Drops, Birds, Glass, and Violin.

The complete change for this update is as follows:

Scion June 2022 changelog

  • Bug fixes
    • The weather color issue on the lock screen has been resolved
    • Resolved an issue that prevented some clocks from updating correctly in pulse and AOD events
    • Fixed an issue preventing Heads-up from working after disabling Notification Chip
    • Resolved an issue that prevented the weather icon from resizing correctly according to the user-selected display size
    • Fixed an issue that prevented pulse events from being properly ignored
    • Fixed an issue that was causing crashes when “Privacy points for system apps only” were enabled
  • improvements
    • Improved coherence in magic gesture text styles
  • New features
    • Weather widget added
    • Added Continuity Clock widget, a widget that mirrors the lock screen clock style to provide smooth transitions from the lock screen to the home screen
    • Lockscreen events (daily events from the calendar) added, an extra line under the date on the lock screen which will display upcoming events
    • Added new watch style: Sony Aligned
    • Added sequential sounds (with dynamic beeps) under Settings -> Sounds & Notification

Additionally, the release provides support for the following devices:

  • Google Pixel 3a
  • OnePlus 7
  • Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G

Download Descendant 12.1 June 2022

If you are interested in trying out the latest ROM for Descendant on your device, you can head over to the respective XDA forum thread (linked below) and follow the instructions in the post:

Note: The range of “miatoll” devices, such as Redmi Note 9S/9 Pro India (Curtana), Redmi Note 9 Pro (joyeuse), Redmi Note 9 Pro Max (excalibur) and POCO M2 Pro (gram), are now suspended.

Download Descendant 12.1 for your phone

Note that generic GSI builds are also available for devices that support Project Treble. This is another way to savor the Descendant, even if you don’t have any of the smartphones mentioned above. All versions already have Google apps, so you don’t need to flash a separate ZIP file to get the Google Play Store.

Have you tried ROM Descendant yet? Tell us your experience with this new version in the comments below!

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