Create emails with ChatGPT without an account

ChatGPT changes the way many functions work, from search services, to educators, to computers, and more. You can use ChatGPT to help write the email messages and digital experiences that were introduced earlier. MailGPT But it requires a ChatGPT account.

Ghostwrite also has the same feature, it supports composing emails with ChatGPT but it doesn’t require an account. Not only that, but you can manage and reuse your created content at any time.

Ghostwrite is now available in the Chrome Web Store, go to this Or follow the link below > click Add to Chrome > Add Extension to install this extension.

Ghostwrite: ChatGPT email helper
Ghostwrite: ChatGPT email helper

After the installation is complete, you need to sign up for a Ghostwrite account.

Ghostwrite 1You can sign up for a new account via email, or use your Google, Facebook, or Microsoft account to sign in.

Ghostwrite 2The Ghostwrite Account Management page appears, where you can review and reuse email content generated from the utility. Ghostwrite, which is a free account, allows you to create 4,500 free emails per month, and you can keep track of the remaining number in the left-hand column.

Ghostwrite 3Now, when you open Gmail, there will be instructions from the utility. especially:

– you press the button Composer.

– in Write an e-mail messageEnter the subject of the generated email > click He writes.

– The email content generated by AI will appear in the pop-up interface, you press Rewriting To write back, press Insert to be included in the message.

Ghostwrite 4Unfortunately, the tool only supports typing English letters, so those studying for an English exam can use Ghostwrite for typing support.

Ghostwrite 5However, if you want the written content to be in Vietnamese, after entering the subject, add (using Vietnamese).

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