Creality launches the Ender-5 S1, the flagship of the year that reinvents the desktop 3D printer experience

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It has a print speed of 250 mm/sec and At 300°C, Creality’s latest flagship Ender-5 S1 is a versatile and durable FDM printer that opens the doors to creativity for 3D printing enthusiasts and small and medium-sized businesses.

Shenzhen, China, November 3, 2022 Creality, the global leader in 3D printing, today announced the release of the Ender-5 S1, the latest in the bestselling Ender Series, priced at $559. Featuring an advanced motion system of 2000 mm/sec2 acceleration and a print speed of 250 mm/sec, the Ender-5 S1 is designed not just another “Ender”, but a groundbreaking one that integrates and reinvents the essence of this popular series.

“As a user-centric company, Creality strives to deliver affordable 3D printers that combine market-leading technologies with stable, high-level performance for entry-level and 3D printing professionals worldwide,” says Ao Danjun, CEO of Creality. “As the latest addition to the popular Ender series ever, the Ender-5 S1 aims to be a leader in the desktop 3D printer market and empower users to turn their dreams into realities.”

High speed with professional stability

Following the success of its Ender-5 series predecessors, the Ender-5 S1 continues to come with an all-metal cube frame design featuring classic Cartesian chassis. It can be assembled in just 10 minutes, while stability is further enhanced by two 12mm Z-axis linear axles and two side gussets. Unlike mono gantry printers, each X/Y/Z axis in Ender-5 S1 is driven by a powerful, high-precision stepper motor, providing powerful productivity. A steel transmission shaft is equipped to connect and synchronize the two Y-axis belts, which greatly increases durability and accuracy without compensating for printing speed.

Creality Ender-5 S1

Test results from Creality Lab show that 3DBenchy prints only 54 minutes at full speed, saving 50% in time compared to printing at 50mm/sec. The Ender-5 S1 has also achieved a 100% print success rate for 1,000 hours at a high speed of 250mm/sec and a layer height of 0.2mm, making it a reliable partner for studios, 3D printing farms and other small and medium-sized businesses looking to build their production fleet.

More creations with 300°C high-temperature printing

The Ender-5 S1 is the first high-temperature printing machine in the Ender-5 series, made possible by Creality’s all-metal “Sprite” direct extruder. The “Sprite” features dual gears with a gear ratio of 1:3.5, providing a strong and uniform 80N extrusion force and is particularly capable when printing with flexible filaments such as TPU.

Creality Ender-5 S1

When the filament is fed, it will first pass through a heat breaker made of titanium alloy with low thermal conductivity that can adequately prevent heat creep. Then the corrugated heat sink and the silent axial flow fan ensure that the wick is cooled before reaching the hot area.

There is also a significant upgrade to the Melting Room. The Ender-5 S1’s 50mm melting chamber surrounded by a large 4,000cc heating mass can completely melt the wick for smooth feeding. Testing from Creality Lab proves the Ender-5 S1 is capable of 1,000 hour clog-free feeding.

Apart from regular filaments like TPU, it opens up a whole new world for 3D printing enthusiasts as a variety of heat resistant engineering plastic filaments are introduced into the game including ABS, PC, ASA and HIPS. For users seeking a better high-temperature printing experience, a custom-designed acrylic sleeve for the Ender-5 S1 is available as a room temperature preservation option. HP-ULTRA PLA and ABS, Creality’s advanced filament series co-developed with Forward AM, a brand of chemical giant BASF, is also available for separate purchase.

In addition to the upgraded “Sprite” extruder, the Ender-5 S1 is equipped with additional cooling technology to deliver outstanding performance. A pair of “Urus” ducts were installed along with the nozzle to direct the strong winds generated by a large 5015 fan to directly cool the freshly printed section. The deposited hot material will harden and solidify instantly, thus avoiding drooping or warping caused by high temperature. The additional cooling method will improve the print quality of bridges, bridges, and other detailed objects. With PC Spring Magnetic Steel Sheet which provides better adhesion to printed models, users can also easily remove the model with slight bending after printing.

Fast, easy and intuitive workflow

Flattening the print bed is an important part of the entire printing process. Creality’s 16-point CR Touch automatic leveling system is installed on the Ender-5 S1 by default, providing a hassle-free leveling experience. To get the perfect first layer, users are advised to first adjust the print bed by offsetting the Z axis 0.01mm and then the additional five-point leveling before going through the CR Touch leveling method.

All of the above operations can be performed via a responsive 4.3 inch touch screen display featuring a wide viewing angle and simplified user interface. The PID temperature setting function is also added for precise and stable temperature control.

Safety, security and safety

For the first time, a safe flight connector is applied in the Ender series, which first appeared in the Ender-5 S1 to provide safe and stable power and data transmission. The 350W power adapter is also encased in the base of the printer for a safer user experience. There will be no more loose wires and cables on the printer either, all covered with nylon wire tie cap for safety and tidy.

Creality Ender-5 S1

Easy-to-use features and add-ons

In addition to printing by inserting an SD card and connecting to a computer via a USB cable, WiFi remote control and time-lapse shooting can also be done by connecting to the optional accessory Creality WiFi Box 2.0 + Camera Kit that can be purchased separately. Users can remotely control their printers via the Creality Cloud app on the phone through the Creality WiFi Box 2.0 connection.

Creality Ender-5 S1


printing technology FDM
building size 220 * 220 * 280 mm
Product Dimensions 425 * 460 * 570 mm
Dimensional package 528 * 474 * 340 mm
Net weight 12.1 kg
Total weight 14.7 kg
extruder type Sprite direct drive two-gear
extruder materials all metals
leveling mode CR Touch . automatic leveling
main board 32 bit silent motherboard
Display Screen 4.3 inch color touch screen
print speed ≤ 250 mm/sec
Typical print speed ≤ 120 mm/sec
acceleration 2000 mm/sec²
nozzle type brass nozzle x1
nozzle diameter 0.4 mm standard
print resolution ± 0.1 mm
Layer height 0.05-0.35 mm
Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Nozzle temperature ≤300°C
Hotbed temperature ≤110°C
rooftop construction PC spring steel sheet
Energy loss recovery yes
Filament run out sensor yes
voltage 100-120V~, 200-240V~, 50/60Hz
rated power 350 watts
File Transfer SD card and USB Type-C cable
File Formats STL, OBJ, AMF
Supported filaments PLA, PETG, ABS, TPU, PC, ASA, HIPS
shredding software Creality Slicer, Creality Print, Cura, Repetier-Host, Simplify3D
User Interface Languages English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Chinese

Price and availability

The Ender-5 S1 is available November 3, 10AM ET at the official Creality Store for $559. The first 100 buyers will enjoy an early price of $469 and the first 50 buyers will receive a 1kg roll of random-colored Creality CR Series yarn for free. Additional product information including images can be found here.

Creality Official UK Store:

Creality Official Store in the United States:

Creality Official Store in Europe

I am happy to inform the public that the Creality UK store was launched last month! We have prepared a lot of coupons for UK store. The following benefits are limited to British users: the original price of the new Ender-5 S1 is £579, the price of the early bird is only £489! Giveaway too, with random colors. Go get it!!

CREALITY UK store only
a description coupon code starting date Expiry date
Over £250 Save £15 United Kingdom 15 November 1 December 31
Over £300, Save £20 UK 20 November 1 December 31
Over £500, Save £30 United Kingdom 30 November 1 December 31
Over £800, Save £50 United Kingdom 50 November 1 December 31
Over £900, Save £80 United Kingdom 80 November 1 December 31
Over £1700, Save £100 UK100 November 1 December 31
For all printers, save £10 new 10 November 1 December 31

About Creality

Founded in Shenzhen in 2014, Creality is a global leader in the 3D printing industry that focuses on the research, design and production of consumer and professional 3D printers and 3D printing supplies. As a user-focused company, Creality has expanded its footprint in more than 192 countries and regions with products favored by more than 1.6 million users worldwide, delivering 3D printing concepts to homes, schools, workshops, factories, and academic institutions, and driving digital transformation in manufacturing, education, healthcare, and architecture. and beyond.

“Creating Reality and Realizing Dreams” is deeply rooted in Creality’s philosophy. Creality is committed to becoming an evangelist of 3D printing, continues to be attracted to the latest technology and deliver a premium experience for individual and business users. For more information:

About Ender . Series

First launched in 2017 with the goal of being the “end of craftsmanship”, the Ender series quickly became a sensation in the market. With its innovative design, open source compatibility, and high-level performance, this series of FDM 3D printers consistently receive positive reviews from novices to professionals in the 3D printing community. So far, more than three million Ender 3D printers have been delivered to users all over the world, and they are widely applied in manufacturers education, art creation, industrial manufacturing, etc.

The Ender lineup is best known for the award-winning Ender-3 series and the cube-framed Ender-5 series. The Ender-3 S1 was nominated as a “Best Pick” in the list of “Best 3D Printers Under $500” in 2022 published by All3DP, a leading magazine in the field.

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