Cognizant and Qualcomm Open 5G Innovation Center

In order to create the first 5G experience center in North America, Cognizant, an IT services provider, is expanding its partnership with Qualcomm, a chip developer, to open the center in Atlanta. The facility will focus on use cases in manufacturing and supply chain management. In a joint statement, the companies said that for the manufacturing sector, 5G-connected cameras with video analytics using Multiple Access Computing (MEC) can further identify anomalies, resulting in timely response and reduced downtime.

Additional details about the partnership

According to Cognizant and Qualcomm, in the field of supply chain management, autonomous mobile robots that are controlled, operated, and integrated via 5G in warehouse management, fleet management and ERP systems could allow for consistent and predictable supply of components in manufacturing, effective inventory control, and reduced risk Significant workplace injuries.

Vibha Rustajy, as Cognizant’s global head of IoT, said they will work to help customers simplify the complexities of technology, accelerate digital transformations, and stay focused on their business goals. This is done by combining Qualcomm’s expertise with Cognizant’s signature industry solutions in manufacturing, automotive, biopharma, retail and other areas.

The Atlanta location is Cognizant’s first planned 5G centers in North America as it expands its network of 5G experience centers nationwide. Expands on the achievements of the Cognizant 5G Center in Bangalore, India. By integrating private 5G networks with Multiple Access Computing (MEC) technologies, the center will provide customers with the ability to conceptualize, test and deploy next-generation solutions.

The combination of 5G and MEC gives companies the ability to create multiple virtual networks using the same physical devices, support thousands of connected devices that constantly generate data insights, and do so with better network security and lower congestion. As a result, business results are improved, and end user experiences are improved.

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