Chrome for iPhone gets an upgrade to protect against phishing and malware

Google has announced that it is bringing Enhanced Safe Browsing to iOS, which means iPhone and iPad users will get upgraded protection from phishing and malware threats along with other useful cybersecurity tricks.

Google’s latest security update improves the browser’s accuracy in assessing threats on Chrome for iOS. With Enhanced Safe Browsing turned on, the web browser will detect and notify users about malicious web pages by sending information about them to Google Safe Browsing for examination. That’s not all, Chrome will also notify iPhone and iPad users if their username and password have been compromised due to a third-party data breach.

Google Enhanced Safe Browsing has brought a number of security updates since its launch with Chrome 83. Since its launch, the feature has disabled a lot of malicious Chrome extensions (alleged 81%) and warned users about downloaded files that contain suspicious or risky data.

More features are also available, including the use of the built-in Google Password Manager autofill feature that will generate, store, and fill in your passwords on any website. Users will need to set this up on their iPhone and iPad in the device settings.

Interestingly, Google is also making it easier to start a new search and find new content on the Chrome app for iOS. Recent tabs will be available in a new template below the search bar if users want to go back to their previous activity. What makes it interesting is that it will come to iOS first and Android later.

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The Chrome app on iOS also offers an updated language identification form to know the exact language of the page you’re visiting, and whether it needs translation. Additionally, Google will release Chrome Actions on iOS. This allows users to type an action, such as “clear browsing data” or “open incognito tab”, into the address bar to easily perform an action.

Google continues to push for better online security and is now offering passwordless logins as well. However, Apple is also working towards a passwordless future, with the recently announced passkeys that will help stop phishing attacks for good. If you are still looking for a safe place to store your passwords, check out the best password managers.

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