Christopher Judge’s best TV and movie roles, ranked according to IMDb

One of the least surprising things about… God of War RagnarokThe huge release coming out in November is Christopher Judge as yet another memorable ex-god slayer Kratos. Although Ryan Hurst made waves with his portrayal of Thor in the game, it was Judge who was once again singled out for acclaim by many critics.

For many, Judge’s distinctive voice and powerful manner of speaking will be familiar from his most famous TV role as Teal’C of Chulak in Stargate: SG-1. However, this is just the highlight of the actor’s long and successful career on the big and small screen.

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10/10 The Dog’s Breakfast (2007) – 6.7

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David Hewlett may be best known for his roles in form of water And the Stargate Atlantis, but the latter is not his only relationship with Christopher Judge. In 2007, the actor wrote, directed, and starred in the quirky comedy Dog breakfast About a dysfunctional man who believes he accidentally killed his sister’s fiancé.

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Although Judge’s role in the indie film is small, as he plays a man whose protagonist attempts to set his sister up with him in an attempt to make her lose interest in a seemingly deceased fiancé, it was enough to generate more interest in the film than stargate Fans, some of whom found plenty to like in his offbeat sense of humor.

9/10 Sirens (1993-1995) – 6.9

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Christopher Judge shares a drink with friends as Officer Richard Stills in Sirens 1993

Although Judge first began his acting career in the late 1980s, it wasn’t until 1994 that he received a prominent regular appearance on the TV show Siren. Not to be confused with the newer comedy of the same name, Siren It was a crime drama based on three female police officers from Pittsburgh.

The actor first appeared as Officer Richard Stills in the first episode of Season 2 and quickly became a staple. Interestingly, he was credited as D. Christopher Judge, a reference to his full name, Douglas Christopher Judge. Fans consider good writing one of the SirenStrong points and plot lines like the one where Stiles disappears made for some more interesting ones.

8/10 Adventures of the Book of Virtues (1996-2009) – 7.1

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The main actor of the adventures of the Book of Virtues 1996

Not surprisingly, it was the distinctive voice that allowed him to play one of the finest God of War The characters quickly pointed Judge towards voice-over work even relatively early in his career. With its simple premise of two schoolchildren learning important life lessons with animal companions, Adventures from the Book of Virtues It was highly rated by those who saw it as children.

Christopher Judge first appeared on the show in 2000, playing Kevin Michael Richardson’s friendly bison Plato. Although his predecessor appeared in more episodes of the show, with Judge portraying Plato in just 13 episodes, this may be the first time many people have heard the actor’s voice.

7/10 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002-2004) – 7.5

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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002)

The first edition of the 21st century has been rebooted He-Man and the Masters of the Universe It remains a favorite among many fans, thanks in part to a voice cast that was willing to go as high as the fantasy show deserved. Judge wasn’t a regular on the show, but his charismatic voice still played a part when he joined in 2003.

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Judge played Zodak, an extremely powerful warrior on Eternia whose grudge against the Snake Men leads him to form a loose alliance with the protagonist but also causes them to clash after his hatred of them endangers the planet. Many fans relate to this more complex dynamic, aided by a typically standout performance from Judge.

6/10 Raising Kratos (2019) – 7.8

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Cory Barlog holding Kratos on the poster for the Raising Kratos God of War documentary

Although perhaps not his most interesting role from a character perspective, Breeding Kratos A must for fans God of War And the performance of the judge in the games. The documentary details the incredible 5-year journey that led to the highly successful 2018 title release.

Released on the PlayStation YouTube channel, it gives insight into a slew of aspects of the game’s creation, including Cory Barlog’s direction style, the motion capture process, and most importantly, Judge providing one of the best performances of voice acting in video games. Video game fans particularly praised the accuracy of the documentary.

5/10 X-Men: Revolution (2000-2003) – 7.8

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The main characters of X men revolution

Although it suffered unfavorable comparisons to its beloved predecessor, X-Men: The Animated SeriesAnd the X-Men: Revolution It has its fair share of fans, especially among those who watched it as kids. It also featured one of Christopher Judge’s most notable television voice acting roles early in his career.

He plays the typically malevolent Magneto as he seeks to counter Xavier’s School for Gifted Youth by creating his own academy of mutants to prepare them for a future war with normal humans. Judge has excelled playing likable characters in recent years, but his deep voice also allows him to be a truly evil villain.

4/10 Stargate: Atlantis (2004-2009) 8.1

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Teal'c and Ronon stare at each other in Stargate Atlantis

Although Christopher Judge is mostly associated with stargate universe thanks to its iconic depiction of Teal’C on Stargate SG-1Die-hard fans will also remember his appearance in the spin-off series. Stargate: Atlantis It may be less rated than its predecessor, but its premise that has the central cast forced to adapt and survive in a new galaxy means there’s still plenty of reason for fans to keep watching.

Teal’C had two memorable appearances in the series’ fourth season, with its second coming in a fan-favorite moment when Ronon and Teal’C clash and get a chance to compete against each other. His contributions may be brief, but they are delightful SG-1 fans.

3/10 Ultimate Space (2018-2021) – 8.2

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Giant Oreskis in Final Space

One of Judge’s most recent voiceover roles has come ultimate space, an adult animated comedy about the space exploration adventures of an astronaut named Gary and his wild crew. Although many complained about the characters at first, viewers quickly fell in love with the show for its surprisingly compelling stories as well as the fast-paced jokes.

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Despite a stellar voice that included regular appearances from the likes of David Tennant and Ron Perlman, Judge still manages to be magnetic as the fearsome giant Oreskis. Sinister and manipulative, the Oreskis are unpleasant even by the standards of a corrupt titan, but it’s impossible not to enjoy Judge’s extravagantly evil performance.

2/10 The Dark Knight Rises (2012) – 8.4

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Christopher Judge as a minion in The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan’s critically acclaimed finale Batman The trilogy came with a brand new villain in the form of Tom Hardy’s Bane, and that also means some new henchmen. Judge used his impressive physique and sonorous voice to be the most memorable of any of them despite not being named.

Although his contributions to The Dark Knight Rises Fairly short, he manages to make Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s young detective look small and harmless in comparison while carrying out Bunny’s orders and intimidating the cops. Judge may have only been a small part of what made the movie so highly regarded, but he made an impression as usual.

1/10 Stargate SG-1 (1997-2007) – 8.4

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Teal'c on Stargate SG-1

Before God of War He redefined many people’s perception of Christopher Judge, there was one role the actor had been synonymous with before that, and that was Teal’C in Stargate SG-1. Although he was largely a strong and silent type, he managed to capture the hearts of many fans thanks to his stoic and reliable nature.

anyway Stargate SG-1 It is a show that has a lot of interesting world-building and great action, and because of the characters it has become a highly regarded cult classic. Al-Qadi’s performance as a Chulak warrior played a large role in this success.

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