Carenado PC12 lands on Flight Simulator

Microsoft announced the addition of a program Carinado PC12 Planned for Microsoft flight simulator Today the market offers a single-engine, low-wing, multirole auxiliary aircraft from the Swiss Pilatus aircraft that has one or two crew members and can seat up to nine passengers.

Pilatus began the Carenado PC12 project in the late 1980s, focusing primarily on the business market to create an efficient, long-range transport aircraft with a comfortable, large and compact cabin. It made its maiden flight on May 31, 1991 and entered wider service in 1994. More than 1,700 aircraft were produced, making it the most successful single-engine, turboprop aircraft in its class.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

“The Carenado PC12 has proven to be remarkably versatile. Although it is not a STOL (Short Range Takeoff and Landing) aircraft, it can operate at a relatively short range and outdated airstrips. It can take off 2,600 feet from the runway and requires 2,200 feet from the runway for landing.It serves the business, regional aircraft and cargo markets worldwide and is widely used in health care, military, and law enforcement operations.The US Air Force version, called the U-28A “Draco”, is a multi-role special operations vehicle It leverages airframe strength, longevity, rigidity, and proven reliability to perform intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and communications center, command and control, and general support missions.”

The Carenado PC12 measures 47 feet 3 inches long, has a wingspan of 53 feet 5 inches, and has a T-tail. It is powered by a Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-67P turboprop engine that delivers up to 1,200 horsepower to a Harzl propeller 5-blade fixed-speed, reversible. It can fly up to 2,120 miles, at a cruising speed of 328 miles per hour, and climb at 1,900 feet per minute, with a ceiling of 30,000 feet above sea level.”

“The Carenado PC12 is a marvel of versatility and reliability – and the pilot is delighted with its performance, power, advanced flight controls and avionics. Visit the Microsoft Flight Simulator marketplace in sim today to purchase this versatile aircraft and see the world through a new vantage point. The sky is calling!”

Source: Microsoft

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