Callisto Protocol’s poor PC performance causes negative Steam reviews

After its release, the Callisto Protocol received mostly negative reviews on Steam, with users citing poor performance and technical issues.

After a promising pre-release hype cycle, Callisto protocol It receives very negative reviews on Steam due to performance issues. announced in 2020, Callisto protocol A hit as a sci-fi horror game from Striking Distance Studios, which features previous directorial efforts dead space Producer Glen Scofield. However, soon after its release, the game may encounter many problems.

As I mentioned IGNAnd the Callisto protocol It faces overwhelmingly negative reviews on Steam in light of significant technical issues. Although some consider it Callisto protocol more promising than silent hill 2The upcoming new version of the game, the game’s rating on Steam currently is still a poor 29%, with many reviewers citing significant stuttering and framerate issues. Notably, only the PC version of the game appears to have been affected, and while some users on Steam have reported fixes, or even no problems in the first place, others are describing amazing technical issues even on high-end builds. Callisto protocolThe Twitter account recently announced that the developers are aware of the issue, and intend to release a patch to correct it.

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The poor performance of the Callisto protocol makes its other problems worse

The player avatar from Callisto Protocol includes a door called the Power Station

Reported stuttering errors on PC aren’t the only problems you’ll encounter Callisto protocol. Even with the game running perfectly, it was received mixed by some reviewers, noting that the title suffers from a general lack of variety, and that Callisto protocolClose combat combat leaves a lot to be desired. In addition, it has been said that despite the game’s lofty promises and benefit from the former dead space talent It ultimately failed to rise as a spiritual successor to the popular space horror game.

Callisto protocol It’s not the first game to be released with technical glitches, but these glitches join many other issues fans have had with the title. Some players also objected to the game’s season pass offerings, particularly the promise of new death animations, as well as missing features from the game. Callisto protocol At launch, as New Game +. Address manager is already considered Callisto protocol sequel, but there seem to be several issues that need to be addressed with the first game before such a project can even begin.

It should be noted that in addition to technical issues and questionable Season Pass materials, the developers at Striking Distance Studios have also admitted to working long overtime in the game. Callisto protocol. After pre-crisis cases and poor performance upon release, as seen in games such as Cyberpunk 2077 movieIt would make sense that poor working conditions for game developers could be at least a partial cause of these computer problems. In line with the official data, however, players are hoping for improvements Callisto protocol We just hope the next update for the game arrives quickly.

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Source: IGN, Callisto Protocol / Twitter

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