Burberry Shows Pennywise Bill Skarsgard’s Return To Horror

The new trailer for Barbarian shows Bill Skarsgard’s return to the horror genre, with 20th Century Studios slated to hit theaters August 31.

New trailer for the upcoming movie barbaric Offers He. She Actor Bill Skarsgard is back in the horror genre. The film was written and directed by Zack Krieger The best kids you know Fame and co-star Georgina Campbell and Justin Long, known for their work on black mirror And the Jeepers Creepers Straight. The film will open in theaters on August 31.

barbaric It tells the story of Tess (Campbell) who accidentally rents the same house as Keith (Skarsgaard) in a strange looking neighborhood. That night, Tess discovered a network of underground tunnels, some of which contained rooms, indicating that people had been held against their will and forced to undergo behavioral therapy. Skarsgard has become a staple in the modern horror genre with his performance as Pennywise the Clown in He. She The first and second parts, both were huge box office hits and were well received by horror fans.

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Trailer (via Twentieth Century Studios) depicts the film’s setting, with scenes of Tess arriving home and meeting Keith in a lighter, more relaxed setting. Then the tune turns to horror as Tess wakes up in the night and discovers an underground labyrinth where she hears Keith pleading for help from within. When he attacks her in fear of jumping, a voiceover begins playing to explain the behavior modification process as the increasingly rapid sequence shows images of horror and action, culminating in the image of the house during the day, in a neighborhood that looks strangely artificial, then another terrifying jump, followed by the title of the film . Watch the trailer below:

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With Skarsgard’s ability to convey horror through effects and makeup He. SheIt would be interesting to see him try to evoke the same emotions with just his face and body, which shouldn’t be too difficult with his interesting mug. The trailer also includes the use of forced behavioral therapy as a tool of horror, something that has been used effectively in films like 1 bedroom And the the buoyant. The trailer certainly presents a lot of questions about how the movie’s fears might come to be, as any good trailer should do.

Horror is still one of the few writer-driven genres in mainstream Hollywood, because there’s always niche demand for it, but it’s not enough for huge studios to care, allowing small businesses and creators to make their mark. barbaric It appears to be a small enough movie to attract special attention to selling tickets. Hopefully with Skarsgard’s growing reputation for his intimidating performances that originated from He. SheAnd the barbaric It will be able to deliver enough horror to satisfy horror buffs.

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Source: 20th Century Studios

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