Build a retro game in a Google Doodle in honor of Trailblazer Jerry Lawson

The Google Doodles are a way for the tech company to celebrate some special milestones and notable individuals like American engineer and modern gaming pioneer Jerry Lawson. On any given day, anyone who opens a Google page on their web browser to do a search will be greeted with the company’s artistically designed logo. However, occasionally, these graphics are actually interactive games and will do something special when the user clicks on them.

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A lot of former Google Doodlers celebrate important holidays and dates that have to do with technological innovations, as well as developments in the fields of art and science in different parts of the world. Sometimes, important moments of popular culture from history are also highlighted. When clicking on a Google Doodle, users are given a brief background on the person or event that was shown that day, as well as information about which areas of the world map are currently able to display the same drawing.

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Google Doodle for the month of December. The first of 2022 celebrated Gerald “Jerry” Lawson’s 82nd birthday. Lawson is hailed in gaming circles as the person who led the group that created the first-ever home video game system that made use of game cartridges, digital joysticks, and a pause menu. The innovative product – known as the Fairchild Channel F video game console – and Lawson, being the lead developer – are known for building the foundation and interest in future game consoles such as the Atari, SNES and Dreamcast to name a few. In honor of Lawson’s contributions, Google users who click on his doodles will not only be able to create their own old school game, but they will also be able to sample many of the games included in the interactive graphic.

Make a game (or play a few) with these doodles from Google

Google doodle jerry lawson games

To explore the interactive drawing, open on any desktop web browser (easier than using a mobile device) and click on Lawson’s Google Doodle – if it’s no longer highlighted, it can still be accessed through the archives. If accessed for the first time, the screen should contain a cartoon version of Lawson, which the viewer (aka player) can move using the arrow keys on the keyboard. Each mark the character hits as he moves across the screen will pull up tidbits related to Lawson, providing the player with insight into the inspiration behind the doodle. Once all the tales have been accessed, the player can click on the pencil icon to enter a clue to use Edit Mode and create their own game by following on-screen instructions.

Once the editing mode tutorial has been successfully completed, the screen will go to the main menu, where the player can select and try up to five built-in games. They are all designed similarly: the player needs to use the arrow keys and the space bar on the keyboard to move a character through a maze, collect items or reach various checkpoints, unlock, fight or avoid enemies and reach the goal without dying. If at any time the player encounters an obstacle in the game that is difficult to pass, they can enter edit mode by clicking on the pen icon to modify or erase items, essentially “fixing” the game and preparing it for success.

Edit mode is always accessible, either while a game is in progress, after a successful game has finished or through the main interface – just tap the home icon to return to the main menu. In addition to being able to build on any of the five available games to create a new game, users can also create a game from scratch by clicking on the empty cartridge with the plus symbol. The Duplicate and Trash buttons allow users to quickly copy an existing game (to use as the basis for a new game) and get rid of games, respectively. Any edited or original The Google Doodles created by the player can be sent to others using the share button.

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