Browse the web faster and more efficiently with this simple trick

We are used to multitasking with many applications on our computers. However, most of us now spend a large portion of our time in just one app: the browser, where we jump through tabs instead. While you can’t take advantage of the split screen features on your desktop to manage multiple tabs at once, you can easily replicate the experience with third-party extensions.

In most browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, you can divide the space of a single window to run multiple tabs side by side. You can have anywhere from two tabs equally sharing your screen into four quadrants and even adjust the amount of space each tab takes up. You can put your social feed at one end, a spreadsheet in the middle, and a search engine at the other to navigate back and forth quickly. No matter what you want in each of these tabs, you are sure to benefit from knowing how split screen works on your browser.

Google Chrome, Brave, Microsoft Edge

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