Broadband gives you a really affordable 200Mbps plan

One of the most economical 200Mbps plans is provided to users in India by You Broadband, Vodafone Idea’s fiber division. Broadband can be a great option if you are looking for a package that gives you a fast internet connection while keeping your costs under control. One thing is for sure, though: This plan doesn’t include any overly generous benefits (OTT). With any of its services, You Broadband does not offer any OTT feature to its customers. Users in Vadodara can access the plan that we will be discussing today, but it is important to remember that in several other places as well, this plan is available.

Broadband 200Mbps Details

The cost of You Broadband’s 200 Mbps plan for customers, including taxes, is 1,062 rupees per month. If you are asking how this is less expensive when companies like Airtel offer a 200Mbps plan for Rs 999, be aware that the Airtel plan mentioned on the website does not include taxes. So, in addition to paying taxes, you will also need to pay Rs 180 when you buy the Rs 999 plan from Airtel. The identical plan from You Broadband is at least Rs 100 less expensive in comparison. Keep in mind that an Airtel Broadband subscription comes with additional OTT features.

In addition, You Broadband provides subscribers with 3.5 TB of data, which is more than Airtel or Jio do with their top-tier plans (3.3 TB). Long-term options are also available for the 200Mbps You Broadband plan. Users have the option to choose the 200Mbps broadband plan for 95 days, 180 days and 360 days for Rs 3,186, Rs 6,018 and Rs 11,328 respectively.

Keep in mind that the company charges extra for the modem and Wi-Fi router you provide. However, the security deposit is refundable. If the plan had included OTT features, it would have been a great option for consumers. This plan is still available for users as it is among the most affordable you will find.

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