Brabus P 900 Rocket Edition unveiled

Brabus has unveiled its latest innovation based on the Mercedes-AMG G63, the Brabus P 900 Rocket Edition.

The Brabus P 900 version will be limited to just 10 cars and will come with 900 horsepower and a top speed of 280 km/h.

This allows the BRABUS P 900 ROCKET EDITION “One of Ten” to safely translate the superior power of its high-performance engine into the ultimate driving pleasure at any time. Power is provided by the most efficient engine today from the world’s largest manufacturer independent auto tuner. The BRABUS ROCKET 900 V8 engine with increased displacement originates in the company’s high-tech engine shop. After increasing the displacement to 4.5 liters, updating the twin-turbo system with specially developed advanced components, and calibrating the electronic engine management system with custom mapping, this engine develops 662 kW / 900 hp (888 hp) and produces a maximum torque of 1,250 Nm (922 lb-ft). lb-ft), which is 1,050 Nm (774 lb-ft) in the car.

Brabus P 900 Rocket Edition

Despite an empty curb weight of 2,720 kilograms (5,997 lb), the exclusive pickup’s road performance equals that of many sports cars. From rest, the BRABUS P 900 ROCKET EDITION “One of Ten” launches a speed of 100 km / h in just 3.7 seconds. The electronic speed governor does not stop the front-wheel drive before a speed of 280 km/h (174 mph) is reached.

You can find out more details about the release of the new Brabus P 900 on the Brabus website at the link below.

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