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This week, Bose made its new QuietComfort Earbuds II available for pre-order from the official Bose website for $299 across the US and £280 in the UK. QC Earbuds II feature a completely new design and a form factor that is approximately 33% smaller than its predecessor.

The earbuds come with a portable charging case with earpiece featuring a new two-piece system with stability straps and interchangeable ear tips. “Since we introduced noise cancellation to the market, we have been passionate about pushing the boundaries in engineering, technology and design – and the QuietComfort II earphones are the latest result of that commitment,” said Reza Haider, Bose’s Chief Product Officer.

CustomTune audio calibration technology first appeared in the QuietComfort II earbuds. This groundbreaking innovation turns on every time the earphones are taken out of the case and placed in your ears. A special tone is played, and a microphone inside the earpiece measures the acoustic response of the ear canal. This information is then used to accurately customize audio and noise cancellation performance for you — all in less than half a second. “

Bose QuietComfort II Headphones

The new Bose QuietComfort II headphones are compatible with Apple and Android devices. It features improved audio capture enabled by an updated noise removal algorithm and includes Bluetooth 5.3 capability, has an IPX4 rating for sweat and water resistance, and works with the mobile device’s built-in voice assistant. The headphones offer up to six hours of battery life with three additional charges provided by the case. The case can fully charge the speakers in one hour, while a 20-minute quick charge provides up to two hours of playback. The case itself is fully recharged in three hours via USB-C.”

“The Bose Fit Kit included with the QC Earbuds II offers three sizes of ear tips and three sizes of stability straps – allowing for up to nine customization options for each earbud. And since no two ears are the same – even on the same person – all pieces are designed to be They are interchangeable, so you find a fit that feels comfortable and stays in place all day. Advanced materials and manufacturing techniques keep the stability straps and ear tips soft and compliant, yet durable and easy to change.”

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