BMW to use parts from recycled fishing nets

BMW has announced that it plans to use parts in its future cars made from recycled fishing nets. Many manufacturers are now thinking about the materials they use in their cars.

The company revealed that it is able to reduce CO2 emissions from these parts by about 25 percent over the same parts that would be manufactured naturally without recycling.

BMW has also revealed its intention to use thermoplastics in its cars made from 40 percent recycled materials by 2020.

BMW recycled fishing nets

For the first time in the auto industry, NEUE KLASSE models due for release from 2025 onwards will feature parts made of plastic whose raw material contains about 30 percent recycled fishing nets and ropes. These raw materials are proactively sourced at ports around the world to ensure they are not disposed of at sea.

In the exclusive recycling process, waste materials from the marine industry are used to produce trim parts suitable for the exterior and interior of future vehicles. The resulting components have a carbon footprint of approximately 25 percent less than their conventionally made plastic counterparts.

You can find more information about BMW’s plans to use recycled fishing nets in vehicles at the link below.

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