BMW introduces toys for its cars in 2023

BMW has announced that it will introduce gaming to its cars in 2023, and the company has teamed up with AirConsole for this new feature.

BMW passengers will be able to use their smartphones and the built-in screen to play games in their BMW cars.

AirConsole and the BMW Group today announced a partnership that will bring casual gaming to new BMW vehicles, starting next year. AirConsole is a gaming platform that perfectly fits BMW’s curved screen and offers a large and diverse catalog of games. Games are played directly inside the in-vehicle entertainment system. AirConsole technology enables games to be connected instantly over the air and controlled using smartphones.

“By using AirConsole, we will take advantage of innovative technologies combined with a variety of fun and multiplayer games. This will make every in-vehicle parking, like charging, an enjoyable moment,” said Stefan Durash, Senior Vice President of Development for the BMW Group Connected Company.

Anthony Clicott, CEO of N-Dream, the company behind the AirConsole brand, said: “We are extremely proud to lead in-vehicle gaming with BMW and are excited to create new games for in-car entertainment. Our innovative architecture combined with easy access to our platform will change the way that people enjoy in their cars.”

You can find out more details about BMW’s new gaming feature at the link below, and it will be available on select models from next year.

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