Bharti Airtel offers prepaid customers 5GB of free data

Bharti Airtel, the second largest telecom operator in the Indian market, is now offering its prepaid customers 5GB of free data. This data will only be provided to users when they install and log in to the Airtel Thanks app. For the unaware, Airtel Thanks is an app from the Bharti Airtel ecosystem that allows users to claim rewards, access Airtel Payments bank, pay their current bill, change plans and much more. Note that 5 GB of data will not be given to users in total. Instead, five Airtel Thanks app coupons of 1 GB each will be credited. Read about the offer in detail below.

Offer free Bharti Airtel 5GB data voucher via Airtel Thanks . app

Bharti Airtel will offer 5GB of free data to customers who purchase a new prepaid connection from Bharti Airtel. Simply get a new Airtel connection, download the Airtel Thanks app, register on your Airtel number and login. Next, go to the My Coupons section within the app and request the free data coupons.

Airtel said that each new user will be eligible for 5 company vouchers with a capacity of 1 GB per user once they sign in with the new number in the app. Users must claim data vouchers within 90 days or they will expire. This is the Airtel Thanks download offer for new prepaid customers.

Airtel users can also earn Rs 100 per successful referral. By going to the Airtel Thanks app, users can send a referral link for their prepaid Airtel SIM to a friend. If the user’s friend clicks on the referral link to buy a new Airtel SIM then both the user and the friend will get Rs 100 discount coupons from Bharti Airtel. This voucher will be useful when purchasing a service from the Airtel Thanks app.

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