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If you are a student and need an office, you will likely have a long list of requirements that you need to fill. You need a certain size to fit the space you have, a certain price because you had to spend all your money on textbooks, and plenty of space for computers, monitors and gadgets. You might also like some extra functionality – perhaps you’d like to try a standing desk, or you’d like a very tall L-shape for more activities. We’ve scoured Amazon for the best student desks on Amazon.

overall better:
You need a 63 inch computer desk and workstation

The best choice for

Ample space for work, art and a computer. Simple design made of thick metal frame and sturdy wood. It’s also water-resistant and has an anti-scratch surface, so you don’t have to worry about making a mess. Easy to assemble too.

$160 at Amazon

Coleshome computer desk

Simplest option:
Coleshome 47 inch modern computer desk

You can upgrade to a larger size as two pairs are available. Adjustable leg pads help keep the desk sturdy on uneven floors. The simple design is assembled in four steps. The legs are made of heavy duty steel.

$130 at Amazon

Shu black cherry desk

Best ease of use:
SHW Home Office 55 Inch Computer Desk

Made of steel frame and particle board. The desktop has two cable management loops. Easy to assemble and adjustable for uneven floors. It comes with everything you need to put it together.

$109 at Amazon

Foxmart computer desk

The best writing space:
Foxemart 39 inch computer desk

This is a no-frills desk with plenty of room for a laptop and room for other creative endeavors. The triangular joint design of the legs helps keep everything as stable as possible, even on uneven floors. It’s a great desk for the forgetful because the desktop is scratch-resistant and water-resistant. It works in small spaces too, because it won’t damage or lose stability if you hit it.

$69 at Amazon

Show L shaped desk

The best L-shaped desk:
L Shape Home Office Corner Desk SHW

L shaped desks are really great when you need more space to work but don’t have more room to work with. Made of wood particleboard and includes two cable organizers. It has open shelves for storage, step-by-step assembly instructions, and all the tools you need.

$87 at Amazon

Vivo permanent office

The best standing desk:
Vivo 32″ Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

If you already have a desktop, but spend a lot of time sitting, get this adjustable desk converter. It will get you on your toes while still allowing you to sit when you need to. It has enough space for dual monitors and requires very little assembly.

$124 at Amazon

Wyhum's office

The most beautiful wooden top:
Weehom . computer desk

It has some legs, it has a crest – you can hardly call it special, but it will definitely do the job. There are a few sizes available, and the top is available in a number of different finishes from Black Oak to Walnut. You can also adjust the feet under the legs to accommodate uneven floors – ideal for bedroom floors.

$80 at Amazon

Smug gaming desk

Best for RGB:
SMUG ألعاب gaming desk

Are you… a player? Do you like RGB? Then the incredibly nicknamed “Smug Gaming Desk” is right on your street. There are flashing lights everywhere, and the top is designed to look like carbon fibre. Perfect for doing calculus and long midnight gaming sessions.

$74 at Amazon

Vasagle office

Easier to assemble:
Vasagle ALINRU Desk 40 inch

Desk whose price does not reflect the quality – the top is a plush piece of lacquered wood, the legs are forged aluminum which makes the entire desk feel more expensive than it actually is. It comes flat packed, so building the desk is super easy even for just one person too.

$90 at Amazon

do your job

Whether you’re looking for a desk for your high school kid, or you’re a college student who needs some space for your creative writing and laptop, a desk is a must. The simple four-legged design and wide desktop will be your best bet. It will have room for a computer tower underneath and screens and other things on top. This 63″ Need computer desk does it all well with plenty of room to work in. The design is lovely for a small apartment or bedroom too.

If you need something more sophisticated, get the L-shaped SHW desk. This design is ideal for maximizing space in a small area, and also gives you plenty of space to work with. You can set up a computer, a small place to work on art or creative writing, and use all the included shelves for textbooks or other storage.

All about offices

Do I need an office as a college student?

If you are going to spend a lot of time at your computer or surrounded by textbooks, not only will a desk give you the best study space, but it will likely help with your situation. In addition to a good office chair, studying at a desk is the best option if you want to avoid long-term back problems, RSI, or other posture-related problems and conditions.

Are you sure I can’t study on my bed only?

Do you like back pain? It can be tempting to relax in bed surrounded by your textbooks, your laptop open in front of you, but there are many problems at work where you sleep. First, as mentioned earlier, your back needs support, and working on a squat on your bed will not help you get what you need. Likewise, some separation between where you work and where you rest is really important – the office is a really good way to strike a balance.

How big should my desk be?

Excellent, I’ve decided to go with an office! Your back will thank you. The size of the desk depends entirely on the size of your room and what you are going to place on it. For a small room, you’ll obviously need a smaller desk – but keep in mind that you might get more office real estate with less space with an L-shaped desk. For larger rooms, you can use a larger desk to save more space, as you can put more of monitors or other equipment. If you don’t need a lot of desk space, you may be able to save some money by choosing a smaller desk. There is no one size fits all, so grab a tape measure and see what kind of space you have!

What chair should I pair with my desk?

There are some great options for chairs available – gaming chairs are a popular choice, or if you are on a tight budget, you should take a look at the best budget office chairs and where to find a list of them.

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