Barbarians Season 2 Begins October 21 Netflix

Netflix has released a new trailer for the upcoming second season of barbarians Which will premiere on the streaming service next month and is available to watch from October 21 2022 onwards. Check out the latest Barbarians S2 teaser trailer that comes with it New heroes, new alliances and new enemies.

barbarians is a historical drama The series, which premiered on the service during October 2020, was created by Andreas Heckmann, Arne Nolting, and Jan Martin Scharf and starring Laurence Rupp, Jeanne Goursaud and David Schütter. The barbarians tell the fairy tale of the events during roman occupation of germanyand the resulting rebellion by the German tribes led by Arminius.

barbarians season two

The story takes place during the Roman occupation of Germania Magna (an area between the Rhine and the Elbe) in the latter part of the 9th century AD. The Romans occupied the area for twenty years, and the Germanic tribes were oppressed by the Empire. Exorbitant taxes and tribute demands. Attempts to form a Germanic resistance united hampered by petty infighting among the chieftains and the selfish aspirations of some tribesmen desiring peace with Rome.”

Arminius, a member of the Roman Imperial Army, is a member of the Germanic tribe Cherusci who was given hostage in Rome as a child, along with his younger brother Flavus, by his father Segimer to ensure peace between his tribe and Rome. He returned to Germania to help Publius Quinctilius Varus (his adoptive father) in maintaining order in the area.When he saw the atrocities committed by Roman soldiers on his former people, he became the new leader of the Cheruski tribe, sparking a rebellion by finally uniting the tribes with the help of Thusnelda (daughter of Segestes) and Fulquin and Wolfspear, his best friend. Childhood “.

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