Bad Batch Season 2 Could Save the Rise of the Tragic Death of Smwycker

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2 could include a tragic death similar to something annoying but was eventually abandoned Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The star Wars The finale of the sequel trilogy came close to killing the beloved Wookie hero Chewbacca, but due to the film’s attempts to please all viewers, he could not commit to such a main character. bad batch He will reintroduce wookiee Jedi Gungi, providing the series with a similar opportunity.

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Gungi first appeared in Star Wars: Clone Wars Season 5 as a Jedi boy who acquires a Kyber crystal and uses it to build a unique lightsaber. Gungi is set to return to the Star Wars franchise in bad batch Season 2, but due to his status as a living Bedouin, he may not survive the Empire era. It seems that killing a young Wuki Padawan as Gungi, especially in an animated series, is unlikely, but if bad batch Take this dark road, and star Wars The canonical timeline will, in a way, make up for her failure to follow through on killing Chewbacca, which is something star Wars The notorious legends’ timeline.

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Why Gungi could die in the bad installment season 2

The most obvious reason why Gungi didn’t stay bad batch Season two is that he’s a member of the Jedi Order (albeit not a Jedi Knight) at the height of the Galactic Empire’s power. Gungi has no appearances or signs in star Wars The era of the original Trilogy and the Jedi is said to be extinct, with some notable exceptions. However, there is a possibility that Gungi can survive the Empire’s reign without becoming another Jedi Purge survivor. If Gungi gives up his lightsaber, knocks on the Jedi, and uses his force, he can simply stay low until the Galactic Empire falls and the Jedi are no longer oppressed.

Chewbacca’s death explained in Star Wars Legends

Wookiee deaths are fairly rare in star Wars The franchise, due to its popularity and its extremely formidable strength and fighting skills. In the Legends timeline, which was officially star Wars Continuity Prior to 2014, Wookiee’s most famous death was the death of Chewbacca himself. Age of Legends content needed the approval of George Lucas himself, and Star Wars: The New Jedi Order Permission has been given to the creative team to kill Chewbacca. Although he didn’t suggest the idea, R.A. Salvatore gave beloved Chewbacca a heroic end in 1999. New Jedi Order: Vector Primegarnered strong reactions from star Wars Fans and news outlets alike.

On a rescue mission to Cerrnbidal, Chewbacca, Han Solo, and Anakin Solo save as many of the world’s population as possible, as Dobidu (one of the world’s moons) is sent on a collision course toward Cerrnbidal by Yuuzhan Vong. Chewbacca manages to save many of the Sernpidalians and Han’s younger children, but he and many of the planet’s near-human inhabitants perished in the collision. While Chewbacca’s tragic and heroic death is now part of an alternate timeline, Star Wars: The Bad Batch Can give season 2 continuous star Wars Canon of similar demise to Padawan Gungi, to make up for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalkers Frequency.

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