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Every day we take photos and videos that are seamlessly uploaded to the cloud storage facilities provided by our favorite provider, be it Google, Apple, Dropbox or another online service. Unfortunately most cloud services It has limits when reached which can cause issues in backing up your photos and videos safely. In June 2021, Google’s free and unlimited storage service for Google Photos ended. If you’re running low on Google cloud storage, you might be interested in a new photo backup solution that QNAP launched this week. This allows you to backup Google Photos without worrying about the capacity limit. QNAP is a certified partner of Google Images.

Just install the MARS (Multiple Application Recovery Service) tool on your QNAP NAS, connect your Google Photos account, then start backing up photos and videos from Google Photos to NAS automatically. Then install the Qfile mobile app and sync to your QNAP NAS. You can store and back up photos from your phone to a NAS in just a few seconds, says QNAP. “Why pay $10 per month for 2TB cloud storage when QNAP NAS offers so much more?

Google Photos backup solution

“Running out of mobile storage is annoying, and increasingly common with modern mobile cameras that take high-resolution photos and videos. Many mobile phone users enjoy the Photo service as a backup option for their photos and videos. However, with the end of the free storage service And unlimited Google Photos, many users are now looking for a budget-friendly alternative,” said Andy Yu, product manager at QNAP, adding: “QNAP NAS offers reliable and secure storage with great capacity and throughput benefits. By installing MARS on QNAP NAS and logging in With your Google account, you can immediately start backing up your photos to Google. It’s that simple.”

Google Images

After first time backup/migration from Google Photos to QNAP NAS, automatic backups can be set on a daily/weekly/monthly schedule. Regularly this helps free up limited Google Photos storage and reduces potential user concern about running out of free space while allowing flexibility Greater use of cloud storage.”

QNAP NAS provides smart storage and backup solutions, with great scalability by flexibly connecting economical JBOD modules. RAID support can effectively protect against data loss due to drive failure. Snapshots, a standard feature on QNAP NAS, effectively protect files from ransomware. Most of all, users have complete control over their data and how it is used.”

Source: QNAP

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