Audio-Technica revives the popular portable Sound Burger CD player

Audio-Technica has announced the return of the Sound Burger turntable, with the first new release in nearly 40 years.

To celebrate the company’s 60th birthday, they’re bringing the player back as the AT-SB2022 with the same iconic design but with new features geared toward contemporary vinyl enthusiasts.

The limited edition portable player now includes a 12-hour lithium battery that recharges via a USB-C cable, Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your wireless speaker of choice (via Bluetooth 5.2), as well as an RCA audio cable.

Still at its core is a belt-driven rotating disk with an aluminum plate. It has a DC motor with a built in preamplifier, still plays both 33-1/3 and 45 RMP (with adapter) and has a replaceable stylus.

It’ll cost $199 / £200 / €229, and running the limited edition means it could be through a stalker element given the original’s longstanding fondness.

Technical sound sb2022 sound burger

It would make a great player for someone who gets into vinyl, who doesn’t care about owning the most advanced turntable on the market and already has good wireless speakers at home.

It would also be tempting for someone like me, who works a lot in a home office and has a turntable installed elsewhere in the apartment. I could just see myself picking out a few records for the day, bringing them into the office and shutting myself in for an eight hour deadline.

The Sound Burger has been endlessly reproduced over the years, so it’s a good idea to bring the original back on the block. It’s not likely to challenge our best turntable list, but it could be the most fun.

Audio-Technica is a promising delivery by the end of the month, and is available for pre-order now. Will you be chomping on a soundburger in the next few months? Tell us about Trustedreviews on Twitter.

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