Aten Podcast AI Audio Mixer review (MicLive 6-CH, UC8000)

Getting into podcasting as we know it today is much easier than it was when I first started podcasting 16 years ago. The gear was bigger, required every type of cable, and the software wasn’t very easy to use. Today, we have products like Aten Podcast AI Audio Mixer that allow you to easily create high-quality podcasts on the go or without a full home studio setup.
Over the past few years, everyone has started streaming podcasts, co-podcasts, or livestreaming epic game battles. I had my first podcast back in 2006 – and we didn’t have as many audio options as we do today. This was before USB microphones became common, and finding equipment plugged into a computer was prohibitively expensive. Today, joining the world of podcasting is much easier.

Let’s take the Aten Podcast AI, Audio Mixer, for a spin and see how it works.

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