Arduino nano screw terminal adapter

Introduced the official team of developers and engineers who created the Arduino suite of microcontrollers and boards this week nano screw terminal adapter Designed to help you accelerate your prototyping efforts. The handy little add-on board is now available for purchase from the official Arduino store at $36 for a set of three.

  • Fast and secure connection:
    Screw connectors, ideal for seamless and reliable connections for your next IoT project.
  • Prototyping area immediately:
    8″ x 9″ model area through the slots for additional components.
  • Double row of pin headers:
    Leaving a free row on each side of the board, with additional quick connections using jumpers.
  • Thin Pin Heads:
    Decreased overall thickness (total thickness including nano plate less than 15mm)

Arduino nano screw terminal adapter

“With the project finished, you will likely be making permanent connections to your Nano by soldering it. Even if you are connecting it with a header tape, the wires, components, sensors, and accessories will be soldered, crimped, or permanently attached to the side of your project’s console. It makes perfect sense to do this, when you’re looking for a reliable connection.The problem with permanent connections like this is that they’re…good, and durable!Soldering and soldering during the design and prototyping phase can become a real chore.And it’s not good for the components or the board itself either A screw terminal adapter is what you need. It’s something that’s been asked of us a lot, giving people a way to create powerful, fast and easy connections that can be changed just as easily.”

Arduino Nano Screw Adapter 3 Pack

The Nano Screw Terminal Adapter features a double row of heads. The Nano drops into the two inner rows, giving you a second outer set that lets you connect using jumpers, wires, or whatever you have on hand. Then you have a third row of connectors on either side of the adapter with one screw terminal on each pin. The ideal way to connect wires or components in a reliable but easily changed manner. Developing and designing a project using these communication options has never been easier. There’s even a 9″ x 8″ prototyping space with painted slots to add additional components, connections, or accessories. “

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