Arduino IDE 2.0 leaves beta development

The official Arduino development team announced this week that the latest Arduino IDE 2.0 It is now available as a stable version and is now available for download. The second generation Arduino IDE has been in beta development since spring 2021 and was developed thanks to the help of the Arduino community.

As you can imagine, the Arduino IDE 2.0 brings with it a wealth of new features, tweaks and improvements for users to enjoy. Including a new user interface created specifically to provide a more intuitive experience when coding with the Arduino IDE. Plus Arduino has improved code completion and code help algorithms to help users build their projects more efficiently and help spot any coding errors right away.

Other features include: Auto-complete while editing drawings, dark mode, secure storage of Arduino drawings in the cloud, Serial Plotter, app updates and more.

Arduino IDE 2.0

“The new major version of the Arduino IDE is faster and more powerful! In addition to a more modern editor and a more responsive interface, it features auto-completion, code navigation, and even a live debugger. The huge amount of user feedback allowed us to identify the weakest points such as helping and completing the code, and serial output, load time and compilation.We made it even better now.

Special mention goes to Paul Stoffregen who has provided tremendous feedback to the IDE development team and has been actively developing initial support for advanced third-party platforms such as Teensy for IDE 2.0 (currently beta).”

Download the latest Arduino IDE 2.0 for Windows, Mac and Linux by following the link below. Thanks to the IDE being open source, the source code is now available to download for viewing and modification if desired on GitHub.

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