Apple Watch Ultra disassembled by iFixit (video)

The Apple Watch Ultra went on sale last Friday, we’ve already seen the device tested in the diving room and hit with a hammer, and now we can see what’s inside the new Apple Watch.

The guys from iFixit took apart the rugged new Apple Watch and we see what’s inside the device and how it’s built too.

It’s interesting to see how the device is built and how water-resistant Apple is to the watch, diving watches usually feature a rubber gasket that keeps water away between any metal parts.

It appears that Apple is using some kind of glue type gasket which will obviously have to be replaced during any repairs, once the gasket is removed the device will no longer be fully waterproof.

The Apple Watch Ultra is the largest Apple Watch available, measuring in at 49mm and coming with a titanium case and featuring a sapphire crystal display.

Designed to be a durable smartwatch, the device is also fully waterproof and can be used as a diving watch, is rated at 100m and comes with a built-in diving app.

The new rugged Apple Watch retails for £849 in the UK and $799 in the USA, and the device is designed to take sports watches from companies like Garmin and could become a popular device.

Source and image credit: iFixit

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