Apple Studio Display gets an audio fix thanks to a new firmware update

Apple Studio Display is not working well yet. The $1,599 monitor had webcam issues during its launch, and recently, users started complaining about audio issues. Apple has now released a new firmware update that will solve screen sound issues.

Apple was aware of the audio issues with the studio monitor. The problem has persisted for several months, with users recently reporting worsening problems. But, that should all change now that Apple has released a new firmware update that addresses the specific issue. According to the firmware notes, the new update will “solve the audio problem in Studio Display”. This should be a welcome change for anyone who has problems.

As mentioned earlier, Apple had a problem with its monitor’s webcam, with users complaining about poor image quality. Along the same lines, Apple later released firmware to fix it, improving noise reduction, contrast, and camera. Keep in mind that this happens on a $1,599 monitor. But despite its flaws, the Studio Display is quite impressive, using an A13 Bionic SoC, 64GB of storage, and running a version of iOS 15.

So if you are experiencing sound issues, make sure to update the firmware immediately. You can do this by heading to the Apple menu in the upper left corner. From there, click on the Apple logo and head into the Settings menu. Inside the Settings menu, find the Software update icon and tap on it. It should automatically check for updates, and fetch the firmware. If the verification is not done automatically, ask it to fetch updates manually. Now, just install the available updates and you should be good to go.

If you’re sick and tired of these problems, it might be a good time to switch to a new screen. Be sure to check out our screen guide for some recommendations.

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