Apple pulls Russian apps from the App Store

Apple has pulled major Russian apps from the App Store, and this was done after new sanctions against Russia due to Russia’s fake referendums in Ukraine.

Russia held referendums in four regions of Ukraine that it occupied, and recently announced that these regions voted to join Russia, although everyone knows that this is a lie. The referendums were so fake that there are reports that 99.23 percent of the people who voted in the referendum voted for Russia.

Russia is unable to win its unjustified war in Ukraine and suffers heavy losses, this is its last attempt to change the narrative. It is clear that Russia and its president are losing the support of their people for this unjust war. Many young people are now fleeing Russia for other countries so that they can avoid the recently announced conscription into the army to fight in Ukraine.

Major Russian applications such as and Facebook competitor VK have now been removed from the App Store and more applications are expected to be removed.

It seems that Apple has removed all the apps in the App Store by VK and also closed the company’s developer accounts.

Source 9 to 5 Mac

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