Apple pauses gambling ads on App Store pages after developers complain [Updated]

Update Oct 26 3:31 PM: In a joint statement with Mac rumors Apple said today that it has paused gambling ads on App Store app pages, without providing further details:

We have paused ads related to gambling and some other categories on our App Store product pages.

The original story is from the following October 25th.

Apple today rolled out new ad placements in the App Store on the iPhone, allowing developers to advertise their apps in more places, including the main Today tab and in the You May Also Like section below individual app listings.

Just hours later, several prominent developers complained about hateful ads for gambling apps appearing in their App Store listings outside their control, including Marco ArmentAnd the Simon Stuffering, and others. The issue was also highlighted in a tweet he shared Mac stories Editor in Chief Federico Fezzi.

Arment tweeted: “My app’s product page now shows gambling ads, which I really don’t approve of.” “Apple shouldn’t be okay with it either.”

As Arment noted, Apple provides advertisers with the option to display their ads in different app categories than their own, allowing gambling ads to appear in unrelated app listings like the Overcast podcast app.

The presence of gambling ads in the App Store as a whole has drawn some criticism, with some accusing Apple of being greedy and shying away from policies that the company supported under former CEO Steve Jobs. Apple monetizes both ad placements and cuts 15% to 30% of in-app purchases in gambling apps.

In addition to irritating some developers, Apple’s allowing apps to run ads in lists of other apps has already led the company to face accusations of anti-competitive behavior. In a tweet last week, a legal expert Florian Muller He argued that ads are “another way to increase the effective application tax rate, forcing developers to purchase ads on their app pages to avoid others directing customers away from there.”

in August, BloombergApple’s Mark Gorman said that Apple wants to triple its current ad revenue to at least $10 billion a year in the future. Gorman said keyword-based search results ads will appear in Apple’s Maps app starting next year.

We’ve reached out to Apple for comment and asked if the company would consider toughening its ad rules. We’ll update this story if we hear back.

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