Apple acquires most of Globalstar network for new satellite feature

Globalstar’s partnership with Apple means the company is just an arm of the giant now.

In a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission spotted by AppleInsider, Globalstar revealed details of its partnership with Apple for the new emergency SOS by Satellite feature. According to the filing, Apple now owns 85% of the company’s network to support the feature. Full details are shown in the deposit below:

  • Dedicating 85% of its current and future network capacity to support services
  • Provide and maintain all resources, including personnel, software, satellites, gateways, satellite spectrum, and regulatory rights necessary to provide the Services (“Required Resources”)
  • Prioritize services and provide the partner with priority access to the required resources, including the company’s licensed satellite spectrum
  • Maintain minimum standards of quality and coverage and provide continuity of service
  • Allow the Partner to recover payments made to Globalstar from future service charges or, to the extent that refunds are not possible, to reimburse such amounts in cash

iPhone 14 now features satellite connectivity

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