Anti-tracking on Android with full cookie protection

Tomorrow Mozilla will release Firefox 107 for Android devices in the market. The update adds support for Total Cookie Protection, which is a better way to stop tracking.

When you visit a website, your browser loads various parts of that page including content from other websites embedded on the page. They can be used to keep track of the websites you visit so that a profile of your browsing and shopping habits can be created.

Total Cookie Protection is similar to putting browser cookies in a sandbox. Browsers create a separate space – Firefox calls it “cookies” (the local storage partition) for each website. This allows it to store website cookies in its storage space. Therefore, when first party isolation is enabled, other websites cannot access cookies from a single site. This prevents your usage from being tracked across websites.

Full cookie protection is similar to Firefox containers, but Firefox containers are better because you have more control over them, you can create and specify containers for specific websites, and you can also use multiple accounts on the same website. for example. You can use one container for your YouTube account, another for your Gmail account, and so on.

Anti-tracking on Android with full cookie protectionFull cookie protection was added to Firefox 86, due to be released in 2021, but this setting is not enabled by default. In January 2022, anti-tracking is enabled by default in the Firefox Focus mobile app. In May 2022, users of the desktop version of the browser will be given the option to enable the feature. The following month, it was enabled by default for all Windows, Linux, and Mac users.

Full cookie protection is part of the Enhanced Tracking Protection setting, so there is no separate setting for this setting in Firefox for Android. You probably already know that Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection blocks trackers based on lists maintained by Mozilla. However, you should still use uBlock Origin for better privacy protection and ad blocking.

According to the Firefox release schedule, Mozilla will start rolling out the Firefox 107 update on November 15th. If you want to update your version, you can follow the app page on Google Play Store. You can download the Nightly or Beta version of Firefox to test the feature right away.

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