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Play Station Game players who are looking forward to the arrival of the new fast-paced action blood sports game on skates Rollerdrome We’ll be pleased to know that Roll7’s Jemima Tyssen Smith has taken to the official PlayStation Blog to reveal some tips and tricks that might help you when you hit the rink on August 16, 2022.

Rollerdrome is a fast-paced blood sport that will have you balancing sinister ski tricks with high-powered firefights against deadly house players. To help you achieve maximum impact as you enter the arena on August 16, I spoke to some of the developers who helped build the game and got information about combat system.”


Four types of weapons:

Pistols: The classic double-sided revolvers. These provide fast fire, so they are perfect for taking out incoming missiles or mines. You can also use it to shock enemies. However, pistols do not deal as much damage as other weapons, and they will not always be effective against armored enemies.
The Shotgun: Slower than handguns, the shotgun is still a force to be reckoned with. Waiting for the cross lines to line up during reversal time can deal a heavy blow – a very powerful blow that can take out weaker enemies in one hit.
– Grenade launcher: One, looks cool. Two, the grenades do AOE area damage, and can be used to eliminate multiple enemies at once – just make sure your shot is aligned correctly.
– Z-11: This long range power laser is excellent for keeping your range when you find yourself away from enemies.

“It’s not just your special weapons at your disposal. An experienced player will be able to pressure enemies to use their attacks against each other (or even themselves).”


Combos are achieved by eliminating enemies in quick succession. Switching between weapons allows you to take advantage of the advantages of multiple weapons while maintaining your combo. Try to blast the doors off the Mecha Brut with a well placed bomb before closing them and finish them off with the shotgun. You can also fire your grenade with pistols, ensuring that it explodes close to a specific enemy.

You can even use detonation to change direction in mid-air, although you’ll also take damage – so use this technique in moderation! Use Slug Shots to stun enemies, then finish them off with a quick volley of guns before they have time to teleport away or be protected. “

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