Riots broke out on Wednesday at the world’s largest iPhone factory in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou, according to a video shared on social media.

screenshots It is widely circulated over the Internet Hundreds of Foxconn workers are shown marching in protest, clashing with police, and some encountering people in hazmat suits.

Some of the videos depicted workers complaining about the food they were provided, while others protested that they were not receiving bonuses as promised.

The Zhengzhou factory is Foxconn’s largest iPhone‌ factory with around 200,000 workers. Foxconn is responsible for assembling about 70 percent of the iPhones Apple sells, and has struggled to keep staff on site due to COVID shutdowns.

China’s COVID-free policy requires cities to quickly put down the outbreak through restrictions, and with COVID spreading in Zhengzhou, workers wanted to go home to avoid being trapped in the factory in case of a stricter lockdown.

The workers were also dissatisfied with the restrictions imposed in the factory, such as the closure of the cafeteria and the lack of supplies causing panic.

Personnel problems at the Zhengzhou factory could cause iPhone production to drop by up to 30 percent. Foxconn attempted to alleviate supply issues by offering bonuses and ramping up production at another plant in Shenzhen, but workers at the Zhengzhou plant accused Foxconn of not adhering to contract agreements.

“They changed the contract so we can’t get support as they promised. They quarantine us but they don’t provide food,” a Foxconn worker said in a video posted online. “If they don’t meet our needs, we will continue to fight.”

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